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Loyalty Scheme


We have built fantastic and long standing relationships with our customers, many of whom travel with us year-on-year. A few years ago, in order to thank those customers that keep coming back to us and to coincide with our 25th anniversary, we decided to launch our Loyalty Scheme.

We wanted something simple that begins rewarding you from the moment you start travelling with us. You can spend your points how you see fit, either as a discount on your next trip or to upgrade your trip perhaps by adding an extra free staff place, or upgrading to single rooms for staff.

Points for travelling

You will earn points for every trip you travel on with us. The number of points you earn is determined by the number of passengers multiplied by the length of the trip, for example:

45 passengers x 9 day trip = 405 points
(1 point = £0.75 trip discount)

Other ways to earn...

Recommend a friend

Do you know a friend or colleague that is considering arranging a school trip? If so, then why not recommend us to them?

We understand that, when you recommend us to a friend, it is because you trust us to deliver the same standard of excellent service to them. In recognition of that trust, for every friend or colleague that you refer to us, we will give you 150 loyalty points.

To qualify for this bonus, your friend must teach a different subject to you, or work in a different school.

Early booking

Book your trip early and earn extra points:

Book 12+ months ahead to earn 100 extra points!

Book 16+ months ahead to earn 200 extra points!

And remember, booking early will also mean there is more availability and so you should have more choice!

Claiming your rewards

When it comes to redeeming your loyalty points, you have three options…

### Option 1 - Trip discount

That’s right, your loyalty points can save you money on your next trip!

Lower the cost of your trip or take a FREE trip, if you have enough points!

1 point = £0.75 trip discount

Therefore, if you had 100 points = £75 discount
### Option 2 - Enhance Your Trip

Use your loyalty points to make your trip even better!

You could add an extra staff place, request an extra instructor or upgrade to single rooms for accompanying staff – there are numerous possibilities. Please speak to your Ski Specialist or Itinerary Coordinator for further information.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Points are earned for the school/group but are recorded against the named Party Leader.
  2. Points will be added to your account once the final balance for the trip has been paid.
  3. Points may be redeemed by the Group Leader, Head Teacher or any nominated person from within the school.
  4. The 'number of passengers' for the point’s calculation refers to the number of fully paying passengers.
  5. Where departure is late in the afternoon/evening or arrival back is early morning we will determine the number of days used to calculate the points.
  6. The 'recommend a friend' bonus applies when referring a friend from a different school or from the same school if they teach a different subject. 150 loyalty points will be awarded to the recommending party leader upon confirmation of the referred party's booking.
  7. The trip deposit must be received 16 months+ or 12 months+ in advance of the trip travel date in order to receive the early booking points. (the early booking bonus cannot be earned on your first booking).
  8. Points are only earned and can only be spent once the final balance for your trip has been paid.
  9. Any points earned for a specific trip, including Early Booking points, can only be used against a future trip booked with Halsbury Travel.
  10. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any point without notice.
  11. Loyalty points used as a trip discount must be redeemed at the time of booking (i.e. upon receipt of your deposit and completed booking form).
  12. The loyalty scheme is coming to an end on 31st July 2022. All points that are left unused will expire after this date.