School trips to France are the perfect choice for many subjects, from French and history to art, geography and business studies, among others, thanks to the incredible diversity of activities and visits available.

We can arrange school trips all over France, from buzzing big cities like Paris and Lyon to the spectacular landscapes of the Opal Coast,Loire Valley and Auvergne!

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Why visit France?

Our most popular school trip destination

France is by far our most popular school trip destination. This is for two very important reasons. Firstly, it offers exciting opportunities to bring almost any subject to life.

And secondly, the short journey times from the UK mean that educational tours to France can work for all budgets and timeframes because you can choose to travel by coach. This means that school trips to France are generally very affordable and work well for any duration, from a day trip to a whole week!

A rich, vibrant culture

France is famous for its rich culture and many groups choose to visit France on a school trip simply for the opportunity to experience this. Others want to learn more about the country's art or fashion.

And, of course, for French-language school trips, the opportunity to explore French culture through the French language is an unforgettable experience that will not only spark a passion for France in your students, it will also give them a huge boost of confidence in their language skills.

Incredible history

On a school trip to France, your students could learn about the experience of the soldiers in the trenches of WW1. Or they could discover how D-Day was the beginning of the end of WW2. You could travel even further back in time, to explore the Paris of the French Revolution!

Fascinating geography

The Auvergne in central France is the perfect destination for a geography school trip designed to help students learn more about volcanoes and rivers, and how powerful they are in terms of shaping the surrounding landscape. And the best bit is, you can get there by coach, reducing the environmental impact of your trip.

The food!

One thing you can be certain of with a school trip to France is that your students won’t go hungry. Of course, France is famous for its cuisine and this makes it incredibly popular for food technology school trips.

But many of our other groups also choose to include some food-based activities in their itineraries too! One of the highlights for many French groups, for example, is the opportunity to visit a local bakery and learn about the cultural significance of bread and how it’s made by a real French baker.

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Take a look at our range of France school trips below, and then get in touch with one of our tour advisers to discuss your requirements.

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Showing 9 of 47 trips
Showing 9 of 47 trips

Where to visit in France

School Trips to Amiens

School trips to Amiens are a fantastic festive treat, especially for French students!

On your school trip to Amiens, your students will experience a traditional French Christmas at the largest Christmas market in northern France.

As well as trying some delicious treats and picking up gifts, your students will have lots of opportunities to practise their French!

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Young girl whispering in Mickey Mouse's ear at Disneyland Paris

School Trips to Disneyland Paris

School trips to Disneyland® Paris are a magical option for almost any subject!

Whether you're looking for an inspiring school trip for your business studies, media studies or performing arts students, Disneyland® Paris offers some great options.

If you want to arrange a school trip your students will never forget, this is it!

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School Trips to Dunkirk

School trips to Dunkirk are ideal for history groups keen to learn about Operation Dynamo!

Whether your school trip is focusing on the events of WW2 itself, or the history of warfare, there are some fantastic visits in and around Dunkirk.

Your carefully designed, tailor-made itinerary will bring WW2 to life for your students on your school trip to Dunkirk.

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School Trips to Futuroscope

A school trip to Futuroscope offers your students the chance to explore the fascinating world of media technology!

Futuroscope is most popular with media studies groups thanks to the theme park's focus on film and communication technology. Combined with the Loire Valley, it can also make a great destination to see more of France too.

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School Trips to Lille

School trips to Lille offer students the unforgettable opportunity to immerse themselves in French in a charming city!

Lille is one of our most popular destinations for Christmas market school trips, which are a fantastic way to get your students speaking French.

The short journey times also make this a great destination for primary language groups.

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School Trips to Loire Valley

School trips to the Loire Valley are the perfect option for introducing your students to the French language and culture!

This is a region of fairy tale châteaux, romantic legends and fascinating history.

If you're looking for a school trip destination to inspire your French students, the Loire will be hard to beat!

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School Trips to Lyon

School trips to Lyon offer the exciting opportunity to explore the gastronomic capital of France!

France's second city, Lyon is a fantastic alternative to Paris, offering just as much history and culture.

And, with its incredible culinary reputation, you can be sure your students won't go hungry on your French school trip!

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School Trips to Montpellier

School trips to Montpellier are perfect for groups needing to focus on their French language skills ahead of exams!

One of our most popular French language study trip destinations, Montpellier is a wonderful city for a school trip. Easily navigable and with a youthful atmosphere, both students and teachers will fall in love with charming Montpellier.

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School Trips to Nice

School trips to Nice offer students the incredible opportunity to learn French on the French Riviera!

Whether you want your students to soak up the atmosphere or you need them to spend the time focusing on their language skills with total immersion in French, Nice will be an unforgettable French school trip.

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School Trips to Normandy

School trips to Normandy are a great option for a variety of subjects, including food technology, French and history!

Just a short hop across the Channel, Normandy boasts a fascinating history and culture for your students to explore.

And the food here is incredible - you can be sure your students won't go hungry on a school trip to Normandy.

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Opal Coast

School Trips to Opal Coast

A school trip to the Opal Coast is the perfect choice if you want to spend more time experiencing France and less time stuck on a coach!

Opal Coast school trips are a popular choice for a number of subjects including food technology, French, primary languages and general and cultural school trips because journey times are so short.

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School Trips to Parc Asterix

A school trip to Parc Astérix offers your students the opportunity to explore France through the eyes of a cultural icon!

Parc Astérix school trips are popular with French school groups who want to practise their French while exploring the culture at one of the country's top theme parks and is often combined with visits in and around Paris.

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View over Paris with the river Seine and Eiffel tower in the foreground

School Trips to Paris

School trips to Paris offer exciting opportunities for almost any subject!

Whether you're looking for a school trip for art, business studies, fashion, food technology, French, history, primary languages or science, Paris offers an incredible variety of educational visits and activities.

A school trip to the elegant French capital is an unforgettable experience that your students won't want to miss.

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School Trips to Rouen

A school trip to Rouen offers your students the opportunity to explore one of France's most historic cities!

Rouen school trips are most popular among French groups preparing for exams. That's because the city is home to an excellent French language school, where we can arrange lessons and a cultural activities programme for your students. Host family accommodation is also available.

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School Trips to Strasbourg

A school trip to Strasbourg offers your students the opportunity to explore the capital of the Alsace region!

Strasbourg school trips are very popular among French groups at Christmas, when they visit the city to explore its atmospheric Christmas markets. Not only is this a great festive treat, but it also gives students the opportunity to practise their French in a relaxed setting.

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School Trips to The Somme

A school trip to the Somme offers your students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the realities of WW1!

School trips to the Somme are popular with both history and English literature school groups, as an educational visit to this area will bring WW1 and the experiences of the soldiers in the trenches to life for 21st-century students.

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School Trips to the South of France

School trips to the South of France are a fantastic option for groups who want to immerse themselves in French and enjoy a tailored programme of lessons and activities!

The South of France offers a warm welcome, relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals, which make it perfect for school groups. Our partner language school in the South of France is located in the spectacular resort town of Sète!

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Activities and excursions in France that your school group will love

Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland® Paris

A school trip to Disneyland® Paris is sure to be an unforgettable experience for your students. A magical setting for… Read More

Bateaux Mouches

Bateaux Mouches

One of the best and most relaxing ways to see the sights of Paris is to take a Seine river… Read More

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

Housed in France's former royal palace, the Louvre is now one of the finest and most complete art galleries in… Read More

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

The long history of Mont Saint-Michel is thought to date back to 708AD when Aubert, Bishop of Avranches had a… Read More

Arromanches 360 Cinema

Arromanches 360 Cinema

'The Price of Freedom' shown in this innovative 360-degree cinema, blends original documentary film of the invasion with pictures of… Read More

Musee d'Orsay

Musee d'Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay charts the development of European art between 1848 and 1914, an era when Paris was unquestionably the… Read More

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

France’s leading science museum hosts static and interactive exhibitions on a range of environmental and technological themes, including climate change… Read More



Located on the outskirts of Poitiers, Futuroscope is a unique theme park which combines enternmainment and education in a fun… Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. The destinations listed on our website are only a sample of the different trips we can offer. If you have another destination in mind, simply fill out our enquiry form with all your requirements and one of our Tour Advisers will be in touch with a tailor-made quote.

Yes, all of our trips include comprehensive travel insurance, which now includes Covid cover. This group travel insurance covers individuals needing to drop out of the trip in the following circumstances:

  • Because a Qualified Medical Practitioner has diagnosed them as positive for Covid-19 within up to 14 days of departure.
  • Because they have been hospitalised due to Covid-19 within up to 28 days of departure.
  • Because they have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace for a period of time that prevents them from taking part in the trip.

The insurance also covers reasonable additional costs of accommodation and flights should an individual contract Covid-19 and have to self-isolate while abroad.

And the policy also covers reasonable additional costs to account for a family member to come across or a group leader/teacher to stay with the individual.

Please contact us for details.

All destinations within France are reachable by coach or via air with a transfer. If you're travelling with a relatively small group, less than 20 students, then flying generally makes more financial sense as you won't have enough passengers to fill the coach.

If you're travelling to destinations such as Normandy and the Opal Coast in Northern France, then travelling by coach is often the best option due to the shorter journey time from Calais and you'll have use of the coach to travel to and from excursions and visits during your trip.

Another thing to consider is your school's proximity to the nearest airport that flies to your destination. For most groups it usually comes down to cost and which option offers better value for money.

Your Tour Adviser will be able to quote you on both options and advise you on the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which is the best option for your group.

France really is a year-round destination for school groups. Destinations in the south, such as Nice and Montpellier are ideal in the spring and summer and also offer the opportunity to enjoy some autumn sunshine.

And, of course, Christmas is always very popular in destinations such as Lille, Amiens and Strasbourg thanks to their famous Christmas markets. These trips are very popular with language groups as they offer the opportunity to practise speaking French with the stallholders, but we can arrange other language trips all over France at any time of year.

Every trip we organise is unique and your itinerary manager will work with you to understand your curriculum and adapt the itinerary to suit your learning objectives. The itineraries featured on our website are just a sample of what's achievable within a given timeframe. The trip duration and the activities and excursions can be tailored to your needs and budget.

As a general rule, we recommend that you start planning your next school trip 12-18 months before your travel date. This gives you plenty of time to get sign-off from senior leadership and to launch your trip in school to students and parents. Planning early will also mean you have a greater choice of accommodation and travel options.

If you start planning your trip later, don't worry. It is definitely possible to plan a trip in a shorter amount of time. We're here to support you and we have a selection of templates and useful guides to guide you through the process.

You can see examples of the types of accommodation we have available in different destinations on the sample trip pages linked above.

All of our accommodation partners have been chosen based on their suitability for school groups. As a member of the School Travel Forum (STF), you can be certain that all accommodation contracted by us complies with local legislation with respect to fire and general safety, is contracted by trained Halsbury Travel staff or reputable agents, receives a standard audit and risk assessment prior to use by Halsbury Travel and receives a supplementary audit if it is used on five or more occasions in a year.

Your Tour Adviser will discuss your accommodation preferences with you when putting together your tailor-made quote and will assist you in choosing the best accommodation for your budget and requirements.

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School trips designed by teachers for teachers

Originally founded by teachers in 1986 and with several former teachers in our team, we understand the pressures on you as Group Leader and work hard to relieve them.

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