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Bring the events of the Second World War to life for your students on our WW2 school trips.

Your students can visit the sites associated with the most destructive war in history and enhance their understanding of the causes, events and people. They can even see archive footage from the time.

They’ll learn more about the experiences of soldiers involved, along with the local populations who found themselves at the centre of key moments in WW2.

And all of this will provide your students with practical experiences that they can draw upon in their exams, to make sure they include the key points. And they’ll be able to extend their ideas having seen the wider impact of the events they’re writing about.

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Why arrange a WW2 school trip?

Experience Dunkirk & Normandy

A tour to Dunkirk will improve your students’ knowledge of Operation Dynamo. They'll learn why the Allied troops had to be evacuated from France in 1940 and how this was achieved under incredible circumstances.

You’ll enjoy a guided tour of the evacuation beaches, the port, the British Memorial, Zydcoote Maritime Hospital and the shipwrecks of Dunkirk to learn more about what it would have been like to have been an Allied soldier waiting to be evacuated.

At La Coupole and Eperlecques, you’ll learn more about Hitler’s V1 and V2 missiles, as well as the other advancements in technology over the course of WW2.

Meanwhile, a visit to the D-Day landing beaches at Normandy will help your students understand a pivotal moment in WW2, four years after Operation Dynamo’s evacuation of Dunkirk.

Your students will love exploring the beaches that Allied troops landed on and learning more about the Mulberry harbours. They’ll hear personal accounts of the events of June 1944 and deepen their understanding of the impact of Operation Dynamo on WW2.

You can even stay in self-contained, purpose-built youth group accommodation just a stone’s throw from Juno Beach!

Inspire them

For your students, the opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience history is one that they’ll never forget. It will help them to realise that these huge historical events happened to very normal people, just like them, and had very real consequences that are still keenly felt today.

They’ll begin to make connections between the events that they’re studying and the world as it is today. And this experience will help them to understand the value of history as a subject and could even encourage a real passion for history. Your trip could even encourage them to take their history studies further!

Enjoy the trip as much as your students

Originally founded by former teachers, we understand the value of history school trips and how to make them successful.

Your trip will be completely tailor-made, to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and learning objectives. And we’ll be on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you have.

In fact, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from now until you return home at the end of your trip. While abroad, you’ll be able to reach us with just one phone call, at any time of the day or night. And, with this comprehensive level of support, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy immersing yourself in history as much as your students.

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WW2 Battlefield Tours activities that your school group will love

Battle of Dunkirk/Operation Dynamo Museum

The Battle of Dunkirk exhibit gives an account of the fight carried out by the French army and by the

Blockhouse Bunker

When visiting the Eperlecques bunker, you will discover an authentic launch pad with its V1 ready for takeoff. The site

Dunkirk Cemetery and Memorial

The Dunkirk Town Cemetery contains British, Canadian, French, Belgian, American, Czech, Norwegian and Polish war graves amongst many other nationalities.

Dynamo Tour

Your guide will join you on board for atour of the evacuation beaches, the port, British Memorial and cemetery, Zydcoote

La Coupole

Built in 1943 as a base for Hitler's V2 missile, La Coupole is dedicated to life in Northern France during

Arromanches 360 Cinema

'The Price of Freedom' shown in this innovative 360-degree cinema, blends original documentary film of the invasion with pictures of

Arromanches Landings Museum

Built on the harbour at Arromanches overlooking Gold Beach, this museum uses original artifacts, dioramas and audio-visual presentations - including

Centre Juno Beach

The Juno Beach centre consists of seven exhibit rooms containing documents, maps, photos, audio and audiovisual accounts and artefacts from

Gold Beach

Gold Beach was the Allied code name for the centre invasion beach during the invasion of Normandy on June 6,

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach was the code name for this Alliedlanding point inGerman-occupied Franceduring the Normandy landings of June1944.The beach is located

Pegasus Bridge Museum

This museum tells the story of the airborne invasion, in particular the 6th Airborne Division's capture of this strategically vital

Bayeux Tapestry

Justifiably famous as one of the most extraordinary artefacts to survive from the eleventh century, the Bayeux Tapestry is a

La Cité de la Mer

La Cité de la Mer is situated on the site of the old Transatlantic Railway Terminal in Cherbourg and is

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

The long history of Mont Saint-Michel is thought to date back to 708AD when Aubert, Bishop of Avranches had a

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