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School trips to Vietnam are a great choice for groups who wish to travel a little further afield to learn more about the history, geography and culture of Southeast Asia!

Vietnam’s history and culture are fascinating and so different from those of the UK that this is a wonderful destination to help your students develop their understanding of the wider world around them. They will have so many new experiences on this school trip that will help to open their minds to the incredible diversity of the world we live in.

Whether you choose to base your school trip to Vietnam in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, or take the time to visit both, this will be a school trip abroad that your students will never forget, thanks to it being packed with new educational experiences from beginning to end.

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Why visit Vietnam?

The complicated history

If you’re thinking of visiting Vietnam on a history school trip, then you’ll probably want to base yourselves in Ho Chi Minh City, as this is the best destination for learning about the Vietnam War and its effects on the local people.

They’ll see the impact of colonialism and war and will learn more about how the country’s politics affect everyday life in Vietnam.

A highlight of your history school trip to Vietnam will be the opportunity to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Here your students will learn more about the guerrilla tactics used by the Viet Cong during the conflict.

The incredible geography

Hanoi, the capital city, is a fascinating blend of Vietnamese and French culture, and is particularly popular among school groups interested in the country’s geography and culture.

The city itself offers the opportunity to learn more about the ancient Vietnamese culture, as well as the impacts of colonialism and communism.

It also makes the perfect base for exploring the iconic Ha Long Bay, to explore the bay’s spectacular limestone karsts on a junk cruise.

Another highlight not to be missed on an educational tour to Vietnam is a visit to the Mekong Delta, where students will have the unique opportunity to spend time interacting with the locals, gaining a deeper insight into Vietnamese culture by experiencing life in the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam.

The rich culture

Vietnam boasts one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia. It has been heavily influenced by other cultures during the country’s long history, most notably by the Chinese culture, but also by the French during the colonial period.

Key aspects of the Vietnamese culture include a focus on harmony and humanity. The family also plays an important part in Vietnamese culture and the veneration of ancestors is almost universally practised.

The opportunity to immerse themselves in such an ancient Asian culture is an opportunity not to be missed for your students. It will give them a greater appreciation of the diversity of cultures in the world and will help them to widen their horizons beyond the borders of Europe.

Activities in Vietnam that your school group will love

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a maze of interlinked tunnels that were built by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

A visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and his house on stilts is an experience. First of all the

War Remnants Museum

Previously known as the Exhibition House of American War Crimes, and currently housed in a series of eight themed rooms

Reunification Hall

Formerly South Vietnam’s Presidential Palace, this building has been left largely untouched from the day Saigon fell to the North.

Mekong Delta Floating markets

An early morning visit to the Cai Rang floating market will give your students an opportunity to learn about the

Boat Cruise Halong Bay

"Ha Long" means "Where the Dragon Descends into the Sea" and the Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders

Hanoi City Tour

Make sure you make the most of your stay in Hanoi by doing a guided tour of the city. This

Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi occupies a significant position among the six national museums as it traces the origin

Temple of Literature

This is a quiet oasis right in the heart of busy and often hectic Hanoi. It is also one of

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Can the trip itinerary be adapted to my curriculum and requirements?

Every single trip we arrange is tailor made, so absolutely yes. 

Our Tour Advisers and Itinerary Coordinators are all experienced school travel specialists. They'll work closely with you to make sure your itinerary supports your learning objectives. They'll be able to offer suggestions and advice to make sure you make the most of your time. 

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Do you offer travel insurance?

We do. Travel insurance is an optional extra and you can find out more about it in our travel insurance resource (which includes the policy documents and FAQs). 

If you decide against arranging this insurance through us (which is absolutely fine, by the way), please just remember you must have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover your group. 

How far ahead should I start planning my trip?

As a general rule, we recommend that you start planning your trip 12-18 months before you want to travel. This gives you plenty of time to get it approved and launched to students and parents.

Planning early will mean you have a greater choice of accommodation and travel options - and it will make paying for the trip easier for families, as they'll be able to break it down into smaller, more manageable payments.

You can check out our trip-planning timeline for a better idea of the process and when you should expect to be doing things. 

If you are looking to travel sooner than this, it is possible. But it will depend on availability and you may find prices are a bit higher - but get in touch and let's see what's possible. 

What accommodation options are available?

The accommodation options that are available vary depending on the destination but we're usually able to arrange everything from hostel-style accommodation to more luxurious hotels. 

On each of the trip pages, you'll see some accommodation options - these are usually the most popular for those destinations, but we often have plenty of other options available. You'll discuss accommodation options (and budget) with your Tour Adviser when they're putting your quote together, so don't be afraid to let them know if you want something different. 

We only work with accommodation options that are suitable for schools. As a member of the School Travel Forum (STF), you can be certain that all accommodation contracted by us complies with local legislation with respect to fire and general safety, is contracted by trained Halsbury Travel staff or reputable agents, receives a standard audit and risk assessment prior to use by Halsbury Travel and receives a supplementary audit if it is used on five or more occasions in a year. 

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