School trips to Greece are ideal for classical studies groups as they offer your students the opportunity to travel back in time to explore the culture and legacy of Ancient Greece.

Your school trip to Greece will be an unforgettable opportunity to bring ancient history to life for your 21st-centurystudents!

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Why visit Greece?

The cradle of Western civilisation

Ancient Greece is often called the cradle of Western civilisation because it is the root culture through which most of the modern West has derived its cultural practices.

It was the influence of the Ancient Greek culture on that of Ancient Rome that saw these ideas and practices spread around the Mediterranean and through to most of Europe.

Your classical studies school trip to Greece will offer your students many exciting opportunities to discover the culture of Ancient Greece.

Based in the modern capital, Athens, you’ll be able to visit historic sites and monuments including the Acropolis, Delphi and Mycenae.

At the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, your students will have the chance to explore Ancient Greek art and antiquities.

The birthplace of democracy

Wealthy families and tyrants generally dominated politics in the Ancient Greek city-states, until the second half of the 6th century BC, when the Athenians established the world’s first democracy, with all adult, male citizens having equal privileges in the citizens’ assembly.

On a classical studies school trip to Greece, your students will be able to learn more about the Athenian democracy and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what elements may have influenced our modern democracies and whether the Athenian democracy was a true democracy.

The centre of the world

School trips to Greece can include an excursion to Delphi – considered to be the centre of the world by the Ancient Greeks. The oracle here was consulted on many of the most important decisions made by the Ancient Greeks.

On your classical studies school trip to Greece, your students will love exploring the extensive archaeological sites here. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in part because the buildings here were erected by a number of Ancient Greek city-states. This demonstrates the fact that despite being politically separate entities, the city-states were connected by a common Hellenic culture.

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Where to visit in Greece

School Trips to Athens

A school trip to Athens offers your students the exciting opportunity to discover nearly three and a half thousand years of history!

Athens school trips are most popular among classical studies groups who want to bring history to life. Your students will be awestruck by the opportunity to explore buildings, monuments and many fascinating artefacts from Ancient Greece.

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Activities and excursions in Greece that your school group will love



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National Archaeological Museum of Athens

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens provides the opportunityto seeancient statues, pottery, jewellery, weapons and utensils innew and improved surroundings.… Read More

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