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School trips to Salamanca are hugely popular among Spanish groups, particularly those who want to visit Spain to improve their language skills ahead of GCSE or A-Level exams!

Our school travel experts will work closely with you to tailor make a programme that inspires your students, leaves them feeling more confident in their Spanish language skills and sparks a passion for the rich culture of Spain!

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Why visit Salamanca?

‘Pure’ Spanish

Salamanca is part of an area of Castile where Spanish is spoken without a pronounced regional accent, meaning that it’s often much easier for learners to understand. This, combined with the city’s reputation for educational excellence has made Salamanca a real favourite for Spanish language learners.

Salamanca is home to many independent Spanish language schools – in fact, about 16% of Spain’s Spanish language teaching market is based in Salamanca. With so much competition, the quality of the teaching is very high.

On one of our Language Study Tours to Salamanca, your students will be taught in closed groups by highly qualified, native Spanish-speaking teachers. The lesson content will be tailored to meet your specific learning objectives and requirements.

And, to complete the total immersion experience, we can arrange for your students to stay with carefully selected host families, who will encourage them to practise speaking Spanish with them on an everyday basis.

A historic and youthful city

The golden sandstone city of Salamanca is truly beautiful, and a visit here will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to Renaissance Spain.

Salamanca certainly boasts plenty of history to explore and the historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, the city is most famous for its university, which was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX and is the oldest university in the Hispanic world, as well as the third oldest in Western Europe.

But that doesn’t mean that the atmosphere is stuffy – in fact, Salamanca is a lively university city! This means that Salamanca has a really youthful, vibrant atmosphere, which always goes down really well with our school groups.

Rich culture

All its history means Salamanca has plenty of culture to discover, which is great news for school groups.

Particularly famous are the city’s Holy Week celebrations. Semana Santa is an important cultural festival across all of Spain, with many cities hosting parades of floats topped with religious figures, often depicting the Passion of Christ. But Salamanaca, with its spectacular sandstone architecture, provides a wonderful setting for these spectacles.

Many of the parades are accompanied by music and are flanked by hooded penitents called nazarenos. And if you attend the Los Oficios service, you’ll get to see all the university professors in their academic robes, before enjoying a free breakfast of hot chocolate and delicious cakes!

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How long should we spend in Salamanca on a school trip?
To make the most of everything that Salamanca has to offer, we would recommend spending 5-6 days in the city, especially if your students will be having Spanish lessons at our partner language school.
What's the best way to get around Salamanca?
Salamanca is a very compact city and so it's very easy to get around on foot, making it a very easy choice for a school trip.
Which visits are a must on a school trip to Salamanca?
Firstly, just a stroll around the historic centre is something you won't want to miss on your school trip to Salamanca, as it's been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Head to the Plaza Mayor to soak up the atmosphere, explore the city's two cathedral and try to find the frog hidden on the facade of the university. And make sure you don't miss the opportunity to visit the Casa de las Conchas, which is famously decorated with more than 300 shells.
Are there any free things to do in Salamanca?
There are lots of free things to do in Salamanca on your school trip. Of course, a self-guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site city centre, with all its beautiful golden architecture is completely free. And it's also completely free to soak up the atmosphere in Plaza Mayor. And if you want to explore the local gastronomy, head over to the historic Central Market.

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