Posted: 03 August 2015

Year of Fieldwork

This forthcoming academic year has been designated the ‘Year of Fieldwork’ by a number of organisations (Esri UK, Field Studies Council, Geographical Association, Ordnance Survey and Royal Geographical Society with IBG) working together to promote the educational benefits of fieldwork for students studying geography, as well as the benefits of outdoor learning for all schoolchildren.

The main aims for the ‘Year of Fieldwork’ include:

•Raising the awareness of fieldwork as an important tool for geographers.

•Supporting the integration of fieldwork into the curriculum for all students from primary school to post-16.

•Increasing the opportunities for all students to experience high quality fieldwork.

•Promoting the benefits of fieldwork across a number of subject areas.

Here at Halsbury, we are firm believers in the educational value of school travel. In fact, when our Managing Director, Keith Sharkey, first created the company, it was in the hope that it would facilitate the opening up of school travel to a wider number of students. In his previous career as a French teacher, he had seen how much students benefit from out-of-classroom experiences and so designed a school travel company that would support teachers in providing these opportunities to their students.

We think the ‘Year of Fieldwork’ is a fantastic idea and hope that it will mean that many students will be able to participate in exciting school trips, whether for geography or any other school subject.

If you choose to arrange your next tour with us, our knowledgeable and experienced Tour Specialists will work closely with you to tailor-make a school trip that meets your specific learning objectives. Our close relationships with suppliers all over the world means that we can arrange school trips to the UK, Europe and worldwide!

Two of our most popular school geography trip destinations are Iceland and the Bay of Naples, which are both excellent choices if you are looking to incorporate some fieldwork into your trip. Iceland is obviously a geographer’s dream, with incredible geological activity that will really bring the subject to life for your students. The Bay of Naples is also a fantastic choice, dominated by the famous volcanoes of Mt. Vesuvius and Stromboli. Here your students can visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, witnessing the destructive power of volcanoes and their effects on human settlements nearby.

For further information on any of our school trips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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