Posted: 15 January 2018

Need Inspiration for Your Next School Trip?

Keen to run a school trip in 2018/19 but not sure where to go? Do you always go to the same place and want to try a new destination?

Perhaps you’re struggling to get a big enough group together and need a destination that will allow you to team up with another department?

These are our top tips for 2018/19!

Suitable for:


•Food technology



Spectacular Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. It has been a centre of culture and learning for centuries – in fact, it was the birthplace of the Renaissance, which saw exciting new thinking in art and science, and the emergence of polymaths such as Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s the opportunity to explore the history of both subjects that makes Florence a fantastic choice for a school art or maths trip.

Florence was also the birthplace of the modern Italian language. Originally the literary language of the Tuscan dialect, used by the ‘Three Crowns’ (Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch), the language was adopted by the state during the Unification of Italy.

Finally, Florence is also a wonderful choice for a food technology trip. Once the food basket of ancient Rome, Tuscany is famous for simple, wholesome food, as well as its game and wines.

Suitable for:


•Design and technology



Of course, as the capital of Germany, Berlin is the ideal destination in which to learn more about 20th century history. There are so many educational visits here that you’ll be spoilt for choice and can really pick and choice what will best suit your specific learning objectives.

And for linguists, where better to hone their skills than Germany’s cool capital, with all its opportunity to explore the country’s vibrant culture?

Berlin is also one of Europe’s top destinations for school art trips – your students will see all manner of styles here from classical to contemporary. And don’t forget to take the time to discover some of Berlin’s incredible street art!

And finally, Germany is famously at the forefront of modern design and technology. A trip here will allow pupils studying the subject to be inspired by visits to designers and manufacturers, as well as to museums where they can learn about the history of German design and technology.

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Chances are, none of your students will have visited Vietnam before so, the opportunity to explore such a fascinating culture, so different to their own, is in itself of incredible educational benefit to young people.

Vietnam is also incredible value for money – once you’re there, you’ll be astounded by how far your pound goes. This is partly down to the favourable exchange rate – so it’s worth taking advantage of this sooner rather than later.

Vietnam is also currently offering visa free travel to British citizens until June 2018 – and there is hope that this will be extended. This makes it a relatively hassle free option for introducing your students to Asia.

And Vietnam offers some excellent educational visits for both history and geography groups – check out Zoe and James’ trip diary to find out more.

Feeling inspired?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these, or any of our other destinations.

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