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Halsbury Travel Joins Forces with Local Iceland Experts, GT Travel

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We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with GT Travel, a local agent and coach company based in Iceland who will now be assisting us with the coaching needs for our school & college tours to Iceland. GT Travel also offers an excellent range of support materials for school geography trips to Iceland, which will be available as an optional extra to our groups. 

Established in 1969, GT Travel has vast experience in leading school groups around Iceland and has developed a series of special focus itineraries which incorporate relevant geographical sites. This is great news for our school geography groups, who will now find that their school trips to Iceland offer even more educational value than ever before! 

We are especially excited about working with GT Travel as the agent is well-known for its close working relationship with Ian K. Hardie. Ian was a secondary school geography teacher in the UK for more than three decades, serving as Head of Department for 25 years. He is now a freelance travel consultant based in Iceland and has over 15 years’ experience working in educational tour development and provision. His ‘insider knowledge’ of Iceland, coupled with his vast experience of both the country and teaching geography in UK schools, means he knows exactly what is required to make the perfect trip, and we can’t wait to receive his input in order to make our school trips to Iceland even better for our groups. 

It is thanks to Ian that GT Travel have created a growing range of geography support materials, including the first edition of the agent’s Geo-Site Guide which, as we mentioned, is now available as an optional extra for our groups. Ian’s extensive work in the field of educational writing has gained him recognition from both the Geographical Association and Scottish Association of Geography Teachers and we look forward to sharing these materials with our groups in order to enhance the educational value of their tour.  

For more details on our trips to Iceland please contact Jenny, our geography tours specialist.


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