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School trips to the Swiss Alps provide students with an incredible opportunity to learn more about glaciers, plate tectonics and ecosystems!

In order to ensure that your school trip to the Swiss Alps brings your curriculum to life for your students, our school travel experts will work closely with you to design a bespoke itinerary to suit your specific requirements and learning objectives.

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Why visit the Swiss Alps?

Explore the mountains

The Swiss Alps cover approximately 65% of the total area of Switzerland, making the country the most alpine in the world and a great choice for a geography school trip!

The Swiss Alps essentially encompass the area known as the Central Alps and, in fact, many of the Alps’ highest mountains are located here, including the Matterhorn and Dufourspitze.

Take a cable car to the summit of the Berneuse mountain that stands over Leysin for spectacular views across Lake Geneva and some of the most famous peaks in the Alps, including the Matterhorn and the Eiger. This visit will give your students the opportunity to take in the key features of this alpine landscape.

Discover glaciers

If you want your students to learn more about glaciers, the Swiss Alps is the perfect destination for your geography school trip. 44% of the total glaciated area of the Alps is here in Switzerland.

The effects of glaciation can be clearly seen in the landscape, with many of the valleys having the classic U-shape caused by glacial erosion.

We can arrange for your group to visit the Langgletscher, where you can follow a nature trail that will help your students better understand the landscape around the glacier and the effects of climate change. And an experienced mountain guide can even take you into the caves and crevasses of the glacier!

Learn about the effects of tourism and climate change

Tourism in the Swiss Alps started in the late 18th century, when mountaineers made the first ascents of the area’s main peaks. Infrastructure including mountain railways and huts soon followed and with the popularisation of skiing and other adventure sports, the area has now become popular with tourists.

We can arrange for your students to undertake a tourism study in Les Diablerets which, thanks to its glacier, is a popular skiing resort and adventure sports area year-round. In particular, your students will look at the effects of tourism on the local economy and the environment.

And if you are keen to demonstrate to your students the impact of climate change and the importance of protecting our environment, the Swiss Alps is the perfect place to do so.

The warmer, drier winters and wetter summers caused by climate change are having a real impact on this area. You’ll see the rate at which glaciers are melting and you’ll hear how natural hazards such as floods, avalanches and landslides are on the increase.

You’ll find out how the impact of glacial melting isn’t just having an impact on the natural environment – the decline in the water supply provided by the glaciers is causing problems for energy production and agriculture too. And as the glaciers recede and the snow is less reliable, the area’s economy is put at risk, as tourist numbers will quickly decrease if they are unable to enjoy winter sports in the area.

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