12 February 2019

Emma's Favourite School Trip Activity

Emma Gray da Silva, one of our experienced Tour Advisers, has been arranging school trips for over 13 years. She specialises in school trips to France - here she tells us about her favourite activity that we offer:

My favourite activity is Les Escargots du Bocage, which is an option on our school French trips to the Opal Coast.

A trip to France may only be short, so there's not always time for everything, but Les Escargots du Bocage gives groups the chance to try something new, which I think is important when exploring a new culture.

During the visit, students are given a tour of the farm and have the opportunity to ask questions. They are then taken into a classroom where the snail farming process is explained using a slideshow.

To conclude the visit, students are given a glass of lemonade and have the chance to try snails for themselves!

The visit is great for encouraging students to try out their vocab, as well as a very typically French delicacy, and for a school trip that is, of course, one of the most important aspects.

Plus, the visit is suitable for both primary and secondary pupils!

If you’d like further information on this visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us!