Brighton College - Our 2021 School Sports Tour Was Oversubscribed!

School / Group
Brighton College
Teacher / Group Leader
Nick Buoy

When the pandemic hit, Brighton College had to postpone their school rugby tour to the South of France .

However, we were still able to provide them with a school rugby tour this year at Exeter University – and students were so keen to join the tour that it ended up being oversubscribed! Initially, the tour was supposed to be for 73 players – 97 eventually travelled to Exeter.

Here, Group Leader Nick Buoy explains why he was so keen to persevere with providing his students with a school sports tour this year, and how he had the confidence to do so.

What gave you the confidence to start planning your school sports tour?

We had faith in Halsbury Sport and Exeter University, especially with single en-suite rooms.

We’ve also been working with Halsbury Sport for a long time, which builds up lots of trust.

How did you find the experience of launching a school sports tour post-Covid?

Great – the team at Halsbury were very open, clear and honest, and the communication seemed to work well.

What has the response been from parents to your tour?

Parents have been very positive and supportive. They were grateful that we could get the boys away on tour and give them the opportunity to enjoy spending time together.

What has the response been from students to your tour?

They were just so excited from start to finish. You could feel their enjoyment all week and it really was a great tour.

Why are school sports tours important to you?

You can get 3 weeks’ work done in one week, which gives the students a head start on their development and also means they are stronger physically and mentally when the season starts.

What does your school sports tour offer students?

It offers students the opportunity to spend time with their friends, develop physically and improve their mental robustness.

It also gives them a taste of university life, preparing them to be away from family for long periods of time.

What part of your tour were you looking forward to the most?

I was most looking forward to spending time getting to know the students and watching them make huge strides forward in such a short timeframe.

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