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Speak Like a Skier Poster


Do you want your students to learn some key words and phrases before your next school ski trip?

We’ve put together this fun resource to help them speak like a skier when you next hit the slopes!

Download the poster >>

Why not use the poster as an activity sheet before your trip or bring it with you and get your students to quiz each other during the journey to the resort?

Get practising the lingo now!

Here are some of the key terms that your skiers should know before hitting the slopes!

  • Après-ski: Activities enjoyed after a day of skiing.
  • Binding: The connection between the ski boot and the ski.
  • Carving: A turn where the edges of the skis or snowboard are used.
  • Crevasse: A deep and sometimes hidden crack in a glacier.
  • Fall line: The most direct route down the hill.
  • Gondola: Small suspended cars that carry four to ten skiers up the hill.
  • Off-piste: A snowy area away from the marked ski slopes. Popular with freestylers and people that enjoy powder snow.
  • Piste: The French word for "ski slope".
  • Packed powder: The perfect ski conditions where new snow has been groomed or ridden over to pack it down.
  • Powder: Fresh snow that hasn't been packed down. Found off-piste or just after a heavy snowfall.
  • Salopettes/ski pants: Warm, waterproof trousers designed for snow sports.
  • Schussing: Skiing straight downhill without turning.
  • Tail: The back of the ski.
  • Tip: The front of the ski, shaped like a shovel.
  • Traverse: Skiing across a slope in a zigzag pattern rather than straight down.
  • White out: When visibility drops to almost nothing; caused by heavy snowfall, fog, or a combination of the two.

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