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Resource added: 05 September 2022

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Teaching the Cold War? Download your free timeline poster to show your students the events that led to the end of the Cold War.

To mark German Unity Day, which commemorates German reunification in 1990, we’ve created a timeline poster of the end of the Cold War, to help your students understand the significance of the reunification of Germany and the wider political context surrounding this.

Download the poster!

It can be difficult for 21st century teenagers to comprehend just how significant the reunification of Germany was, not only for Germans, but for the entire world.

A Cold War-themed history school trip to Berlin can help them to deepen their understanding of this, as well as give them a better idea of what life was like under communism in Eastern Germany and the wider Eastern Bloc.

Of course, you can’t visit Berlin on a Cold War-themed history school trip without spending some time learning about the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for decades.

At the Asisi Berlin Wall Experience, your students will get a better idea of what it looked like while it was still standing.

The Berlin Wall Museum boasts interactive exhibits telling the story of the Wall, how it divided the city and its lasting legacy on Berlin.

You can also visit parts of the wall that have been left standing, such as the East Side Gallery and the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse.

And at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum your students will learn more about the various escape attempts.

We would also highly recommend a visit to the fantastic DDR Museum, which really brings the period to life. A great range of interactive exhibits will give students the opportunity to learn more about home life, leisure, work and other aspects of daily life in the GDR. There are also some excellent exhibits which will help them to understand what it was like to live under state surveillance, and what could happen if you were deemed to be a dissident.

Students can learn more about this particular aspect of East German life at the Stasi Museum. We can also arrange for your group to meet a former political prisoner, to hear their experiences first-hand.

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