Posted: 01 December 2017

Spotlight on...Berlin!

Berlin remains one of our most popular destinations for school trips and, for anyone that has visited the city, that should really come as no surprise.

The city is modern and forward thinking, but also boasts a long and fascinating history. It offers an insight into the German culture, and is also a diverse city that has long benefited from immigration. So, whatever your subject, your students will certainly learn a lot from a school trip to Berlin.

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you why Berlin is such a fantastic choice for a history school trip. This was the capital of the Third Reich, before being divided for nearly 30 years by deep ideological divisions and, of course, the infamous Berlin Wall.

Berlin has countless historical sites and museums to visit, the vast majority of which do an excellent job of bringing Berlin’s tempestuous past to life.

For example, the DDR Museum allows visitors a glimpse into life in East Berlin during the Cold War, relating personal items to the political ideologies behind them.

Another visit that’s sure to have a real impact on your students is the Jewish Museum, which charts the history of German’s Jewish population throughout the ages.

And a short journey north of the city to Oranienburg will give your students the chance to visit the ‘ideal’ concentration camp, Sachsenhausen.

Whether you’re looking for a trip that introduces your students to the German language and culture (i.e. a ‘Language Culture Tour’), or one that really immerses them in the language and focuses on improving their level ahead of exams (i.e. a ‘Language Study Tour’), Berlin is a fantastic option.

This modern, vibrant city is a global trendsetter and so is always a big hit with students, who love its art, fashion and general ‘vibe’. They’ll be excited by this city and, hopefully, this will encourage a greater interest in the German culture and language.

Berlin is also a great choice for a Christmas markets trip – the city hosts a number of different festive markets, all with very different characteristics. These trips are not only a fun, festive treat for students who’ve worked hard, they’re also a great way to encourage them to practise speaking German with native speakers in a relaxed, unpressured environment!

Berlin is home to over 130 museums, and more than 400 art galleries - one of which, the East Side Gallery, is actually a remnant of the Berlin Wall and features some of the most recognisable street art in the world. This makes it a really exciting destination for a school art trip.

Berlin’s diversity has always been one of its greatest strengths and it’s this that has led to its reputation for creativity and the arts. Your students will be inspired by a trip to Berlin, because art and creativity can be found around almost every street corner.

And in terms of educating them in the history of art, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Berlin. Want them to see the paintings of the ‘old masters’? Head to the Gemäldegalerie. More interested in 20th Century European painting? Then you want to visit the Neue Nationalgalerie. Think they’re more likely to be inspired by modern and contemporary art? Then the Hamburger Bahnhof is for you!

Berlin is a hub for creativity and design, and you’ll surprised at the number of educational visits here suitable for design and technology students.

Visit BMW’s Motorcycle plant, or KPM Welt (the modernised porcelain manufacturer) to learn about design for mass production.

Or visit the Science Center to find out how medical technology is improving people’s lives. And head to the Technikmuseum which is home to fascinating examples of old and new technology.

A design and technology trip to Berlin will leave your students feeling inspired by how important design and technology is for transforming people’s lives – they may even be inspired to follow a career in the field!

Struggling to get the numbers for your trip?One last note – if you are trying to arrange a school trip, but are struggling to get sufficient numbers, you could consider teaming up with another department, to run a cross-curricular trip. And Berlin, with its myriad of educational opportunities, is ideal for this type of trip.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on arranging a trip, or would like to request a tailor-made quote.

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