Fun Facts About Disneyland Paris

Posted: 02 January 2020

Fun Facts About Disneyland Paris

Laura is one of our experienced Itinerary Coordinators and has organised many school trips to Disneyland® Paris. In fact, just this year she’s organised 51 trips to the French theme park!

Here are some of her favourite facts about Disneyland® Paris!

There’s an app for that!

The best thing about the Disneyland® Paris app is that it can actually save you time queuing!

It allows you to check the real-time waiting times for every ride – I used it myself last time I went and saved so much time and managed to see so many more attractions than I would have done without it, so I can definitely recommend it!

Plus, there’s now WiFi throughout the park, so you don’t even need to use your data!

Main Street’s magical secrets!

Make sure you listen closely as you walk down Main Street – you’ll hear all sorts, from a dentist removing a patient’s tooth, to tap dancing class, a guitar lesson and even a dog barking! You can even pop into the barber’s where you’ll be able to listen in on some not-so-private phone conversations!

There’s a giant map of the park – but it’s wrong!

The City Hall, just off the main square, is home to the biggest existing map of the park. But it’s actually a map of the first concept of the park and some of the rides shown were never built, while others that were added later have obviously been left off!

You can send post from Disneyland® Paris!

On Main Street you’ll see a green letterbox in front of a shop. From here you can send postcards and letters which will then be stamped with a very special Disneyland® stamp!

There’s a mysterious poster…

If you look up at the dentist’s window on Main Street, you’ll see a poster with some random names on it – Jeff Burke, Tim Delaney, Tom Morris, Eddie Sotto and Chris Tietz.

Except that they’re not random names! They are, in fact, the creators of the following lands – Frontierland, Discoveryland, Fantasyland, Main Street USA and Adventureland, respectively.

Discover the magic of acoustics!

Stand opposite a friend on the extremities of Harrington’s Cupola and you’ll be able to speak to each other as though you were standing next to each other!

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