03 December 2021

How Running a School Trip Can Progress Your Teaching Career

Here's how running a school trip can help to progress your teaching career, as well as benefit students.

Here's how running a school trip can help to progress your teaching career, as well as benefit students.

Keen to run a school trip but wondering what impact it could have on your career progression? Here, we take a look at how running a school trip can be a great way to progress your career.

When you decide to run a school trip, it will be because you see the value it offers your students and their learning. But running the trip could also help to progress your career. Here's how:

It shows that you prioritise your students' learning and development

Running a school trip is, by no means, an insignificant undertaking (although we'll work with you to ease the process as much as possible). So the very fact that you are giving up your own free time and putting your energy into arranging one demonstrates your commitment to your students' learning and development.

It shows that you are able to identify opportunities to develop students' learning and development, and that you are willing to invest time and effort in providing these opportunities.

Indeed, running a school trip will show the whole school community, as well as future employers, that you're committed to providing your students with experiences that connect them to the subject, and apply the curriculum to ‘real life'.

It shows that you have strong leadership qualities

Later on in your career, you may want to apply for a more senior position, perhaps as a head of department, or even as a member of the SLT. And for that you'll need to demonstrate that you have strong leadership qualities.

Previous experience of running school trips in the past will definitely work in your favour.

Leading a school trip and taking responsibility for a group of students and staff outside the ‘safety' of school means you will have to be proactive, organised and thorough in your planning. You'll have also demonstrated valuable initiative.

It shows your commitment to helping students enjoy their education

Education should be exciting and getting out of the classroom can really help students to see this.

Learning outside the classroom will help your students to see the relevance of the subject to the ‘real world', making it come alive in ways that are difficult, if not impossible to achieve in the classroom.

Your students will appreciate your efforts to make learning more fun for them. And the rest of the school community will appreciate how you've inspired those students to succeed in the subject through providing them with an exciting experience that they can draw on in exams.

It shows commitment to your own professional development

Finally, as well as showing your commitment to your students, arranging a school trip also shows your commitment to your own professional development. It shows that you want to be the teacher that inspires students to love learning.

Arranging a school trip will help you improve your organisational and leadership skills. Plus, as well as giving your students practical experiences on which to draw on when writing essays or taking exams, it will also give you practical experiences to draw upon when teaching.

And, of course, we'll be here every step of the way to help ensure that your school trip is a resounding success!

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