5 Reasons to Start Planning Your 2022 School Sports Tour Now

Posted: 13 April 2021

5 Reasons to Start Planning Your 2022 School Sports Tour Now

Looking forward to taking your students away on school sports tours again, but not sure when will be the right time to start the process?

Here are 5 reasons why you should start planning your 2022 school sports tour now:

Book now with no financial or contractual commitments

The DfE has now given UK school trips the go-ahead but did advise schools not to enter into any new financial or contractual commitments for the moment. And we would expect the advice to be similar when school trips abroad are given the green light.

This could be a bit restrictive in terms of planning your next school sports tour. However, our Covid Guarantee actually allows you to book your tour without entering into any new financial or contractual commitments.

That’s because if anything changes and you’re not able to go on your tour, you’ll be able to postpone or cancel for free. For further information including full terms and conditions, please see our Covid Guarantee.

Give your students something to look forward to

One of the more difficult things about the last year, especially for young people, has been all the uncertainty, making it impossible to plan anything and, therefore, giving them absolutely nothing to look forward to.

But that is changing now and by beginning to plan your 2022 school sports tour, you’ll be giving your students some focus and, finally, something to look forward to and get excited about.

Beat the rush

We’ve already seen plenty of indications that there will be a rush on bookings once the DfE gives school trips abroad the green light.

We’ve had lots of our regular group leaders confirm that they’re poised to book their tour as soon as they can – many of them having missed at least one tour are keen to make up for lost time.

And we’re expecting group sizes to be bigger than normal – our Ski department has already had one group book two additional coaches and another book a second trip, just to cater for demand!

So, we are expecting availability to be very limited for popular destinations at popular times. We would, therefore, advise that you start planning your tour now so that you have the pick of destinations, tours and accommodation.

Beat competition from other trips

One of the most common reasons for teachers to cancel trips with us is because they’ve struggled to get the numbers required as students have already committed to trips offered by other departments.

Get ahead of the rest by starting to plan your 2022 school sports tour now and getting students and their parents on board early.

Give yourself plenty of time to organise your tour

It can take 3-4 months to turn your enquiry into a provisional booking – and that’s just the start of the process.

We always recommend that teachers give themselves as much time as possible between booking their tour and going on it. That’s because there’s nothing worse for busy teachers than last-minute rushes to try and collect payments or passport information etc. from students and their parents. Especially when we’re all trying to readjust to ‘normality’!

Ready to start planning your school sports tour?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to request a tailor-made quote .