Your Guide to Comparing Quotes

Your Guide to Comparing Quotes
Resource added: 10 November 2022

Obtained two or more quotes? Here's your guide to what to look out for when comparing them.

We appreciate that it can be confusing when comparing quotes and tour operators. It’s easy to assume that the lowest price offers the best value for money but that isn’t necessarily the case.

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Below are some hints and tips on what to look out for:

The key thing to remember when comparing quotes is, are you comparing like-for-like?

Be wary of operators offering very cheap deals as they may be offering a very basic package.

This means you could get stung with significant additional costs after you’ve booked or a tour that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Don’t forget, Halsbury will match any like-for-like quote!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or to request your tailor-made quote.