Risk Assessments for School Sports Tours

Risk Assessments for School Sports Tours
Resource added: 10 November 2022

Risk assessments are not as daunting as you think and this guide will answer your questions on the process.

Risk assessments made simple

Would you like your team to join the thousands of others going abroad on school sports tours every year, giving them the greater confidence and inspiration that come with such an experience?

Perhaps the answer is yes, but you're worried and confused about the prospect of completing the risk assessment?

The good news is that it's not as daunting as you may think.

1. What is a risk assessment?

Within the context of school travel, a risk assessment is consistent with a group management plan.

In other words, it's a written plan for how the Group Leader expects to lead their group on the trip, with the objective of arriving home safe and sound.

2. What should a risk assessment include?

It's very important that you follow the guidelines for your particular school and LEA.

It is, however, widely recognised that using a “reputable” tour operator can significantly reduce your workload, as long as you ensure that they have a substantial Safety Management System in place.

Once you have obtained a copy of the Safety Management System from the tour operator and clarified that they are Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge holders, School Travel Forum, ABTA members and hold an ATOL, this can form part of your risk assessment, saving you time and effort in areas like accommodation and travel.

And you can rest assured that Halsbury holds all of these accreditations.

3. Do you have to do a risk assessment for all trips abroad?

An important part of a risk assessment is considering the individuals in your group.

Does anyone have special needs? Is anyone more/less confident in certain situations etc.?

Remember, the group dynamic will be unique to every school sports tour.

Once a framework has been developed you will be able to use this again and again, but a new, revised assessment should be carried out for every tour.

4. Can Halsbury Sport do the risk assessment for me?

Halsbury Sport, as the specialist sports tour division of Halsbury Travel Ltd., holds the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, is a member of the School Travel Forum and ABTA, and is also ATOL protected.

We also have a strong Safety Management System in place.

This means that you can use our Safety Management System as part of your risk assessment, saving you time and effort.

However, as the risks are associated with your group, and only you know your students, it is only you that can complete the actual risk assessment.

5. Where can I get more advice?

See this useful guide “Demystifying Risk Assessment” taken from the School Travel Forum website for help and advice on completing risk assessments for school trips.