Malvern St. James Girls' School's Water Sports Tour

School / Group
Malvern St James Girls’ School
Teacher / Group Leader
Emma Aris
Costa Brava and Spain

What was your main aim/objective for this tour?

To enjoy a cultural trip with the children after a long period of covid, with some outdoor pursuits included.

Why did you choose this destination?

We chose a watersports tour to Sant Pol on the Costa Brava for the weather and proximity to Barcelona on the advice of Judit, our Tour Adviser at Halsbury Sport.

What will be your lasting memories of this tour?

We had a great time at the water sports centre. The water sports and the flamenco evening were by far the most fun and memorable.

What did students get out of this tour?

They learnt some new skills, especially windsurfing which was a lot of fun.

Why did you choose Halsbury for this tour?

Efficiency and dedication of the staff – especially Judit.

Were there any guarantees that Halsbury offered that made it easier for you to get senior leadership and/or parents on board?

The Covid Guarantee definitely helped with parents and my ability to book the trip from a parent perspective.

What was it like to be touring again?

It was amazing. A few hurdles for Spain but it was great to be back out and doing trips (despite the risk assessments).

How would you describe the experience of working with Halsbury on this tour?

I have found Halsbury to be efficient and patient with my never-ending questions and keeping me updated with requirements. The team are excellent and I felt like they couldn’t do enough for me.

Would you recommend Halsbury to your friends and colleagues?

Reasonably priced, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. In fact, I have already recommended them! The Vamoos app is a godsend. So good to keep in touch with the school and parents too!

Do you have any tips for other teachers/group leaders planning their first trips since Covid?

Have plenty of gin!

Put bright festival-style wristbands on the luggage. So much easier to spot suitcases on the carousel.

Make sure one teacher holds any requirements as this is easier to keep hold of.

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