What Are the Benefits of School Ski Trips?

Resource added: 27 September 2022

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Learn more about the benefits of school ski trips for students.

We all know that skiing is A LOT of fun! And students that have the opportunity to go on a school ski trip often remember it for the rest of their lives.

But if you're trying to persuade the powers that be to let you run a school ski trip, this may not be enough. Luckily, there are a huge number of benefits to skiing for students - as our handy infographic explains:

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What are the benefits of school ski trips?

The benefits of school ski trips can be split into four categories – physical fitness, physical ability, character-building and cognitive skills.

Physical fitness

As a physical activity, it’s no surprise that skiing offers students the opportunity to improve their physical fitness. 

Core stability is improved as students work their core to ensure they stay up on their skis…as much as possible!

And everything about skiing will encourage your students to develop their flexibility, from getting their ski boots on to making tight turns. 

They’ll improve their strength too, as skiing is an all-over body workout, with almost every muscle put to use. And they’ll certainly feel that by the end of the week!

Physical ability

Your students will certainly improve their balance on their school ski trip – after all, the key to skiing is staying on their feet!

Skiing will also improve your students’ coordination – which will help them with their balance and staying upright on their skis. 

School ski trips also offer students the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, as they’ll constantly be making slight adjustments to improve balance and speed. 


The physical benefits of a school ski trip are obvious. But it also offers students the fantastic opportunity to build character. 

They’ll develop their sense of responsibility, as they’ll have to be responsible for their speed and conduct on the slopes. They’ll also need to take responsibility to make sure they’re aware of what’s going on around them, to ensure that they avoid injuring themselves and others. 

They’ll develop resilience too. After all, if this is their first experience of skiing, they are likely to spend quite a lot of time falling over and it can be hard to get up after falling for what seems like the millionth time. But they will and by doing so they will learn that perseverance and resilience lead to success, as they find that they’re starting to spend a lot more time up on their skis skiing!

Students will also develop their communication skills, as they’ll need to listen carefully to their ski instructor and group leader. They will also need to communicate well with one another, to carry out group tasks and to ensure they move safely as a group around the resort and on the slopes. 

Cognitive skills

School ski trips also offer students the chance to develop their cognitive skills, which will be very useful once they get back to school after the trip. 

They’ll have to concentrate and be aware of what their body is doing, what’s going on around them and what their ski instructor or group leader is asking them to do. 

They’ll become more decisive too, as they need to make quick decisions regarding their speed and direction to avoid any potential accidents. 

And they’ll become better problem solvers, as they work out the safest way around obstacles on the slopes. 

Are there any academic benefits?

School ski trips don’t just offer developmental benefits for students – there are academic benefits too!

For one thing, students skiing abroad will have the fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the country they’re skiing in. And we’ve put together these posters to encourage your students to use their foreign language schools in resort. 

Young geographers will also have the chance to explore a mountain environment. Why not get the geography department to put together a quick quiz about mountain landscapes and environments for you to do on the coach journey? 

There’s even opportunity for students to improve their maths skills, whether that’s budgeting their spending money or working out exchange rates!

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