Speak Like A Geographer

Resource added: 26 July 2022

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Trying to encourage your students to be more specific and use more geography-focused language? Download these posters for free!

Are you trying to encourage your students to use more geographical language in class?

Are you struggling to get them to move away from vague, everyday language towards more specific terminology?

We’ve created these posters to help – and they’re completely free to download!

Choose from a single poster or a series of posters ideal for a display.

Download the single poster!

Download the series of posters!

What’s on the posters?

Don’t say…..

Left, right, up, down


North, South, East, West

Don’t say…

This country is rich


This country has a high GDP per capita or this country is an HIC (high income country)

Don’t say…

This country is poor


This country has a low GDP per capita or this country is an LIC (low income country)

Don’t say…

The people


The farmers, environmentalists, elderly people, young people, etc. Be specific about who you are referring to!

Don’t say…



GDP, aid, foreign direct investment, income, profit, revenue, tax. Be specific about what you’re referring to.

Don’t say…



Air pollution, noise pollution, waste, etc. Be specific about what you’re referring to and what’s causing it.

Don’t say…

This is good


This is an advantage for…, this is positive for… or this is a benefit for… Explain what’s good about it, who/what it’s good for and why!

Don’t say…

This is bad


The problems caused are…, this is a disadvantage for… or this is damaging for… Explain what’s bad about it, who/what it’s bad for and why!

Don’t say…



Education, infrastructure, employment, healthcare, etc. Be specific!

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