Kristallnacht Posters - Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Resource added: 23 December 2021

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We’ve designed these posters to help you mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 in your classroom.

Kristallnacht marked a shift in the antisemitism of the Nazi Party.

Where the Nazis had previously sought to disenfranchise Jews and isolate them from the rest of German society, this series of antisemitic pogroms signalled a move towards state-sanctioned violence against Jews and would ultimately lead to genocide.

We’ve designed these three classroom posters to help your students understand what the situation was for Jews in Germany prior to 9th November 1938, what happened during Kristallnacht and its significance, and what happened afterwards.

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We’ve designed these posters to help you mark Holocaust Memorial Day in your classroom.

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 is One Day.

One day to pause and remember the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides.

One day that changed the victims’ lives forever.

And the hope that one day there will be no more genocides.

Of course, one of the reasons that history is such an important subject is that it can help future generations to avoid the mistakes of the past.

By studying the Nazis and the Holocaust, your students will learn that prejudice can very easily develop into hate. And that hate can very easily develop into violence.

To guarantee a future without genocide, we must fight prejudice and hate.

Why Kristallnacht?

Kristallnacht took place on 9th November 1938 and marked a turning point for the Jewish community in Nazi Germany and, indeed, across Europe.

The shift to out and out violence against them made many Jews realise that they were no longer safe in Nazi Germany.

Many of those who could fled – some to countries where they would remain safe throughout WW2, and many, including Anne Frank and her family, to countries that would, unfortunately, soon be controlled by the Nazis.

We hope that you find these posters useful in helping you to demonstrate to students why Kristallnacht was such a significant event in the Holocaust.

Teaching the Nazis and the Holocaust?

A school trip can help students to better understand how the Nazis rose to power and what life was like under Nazi occupation. It can also help them to understand the scale of the devastation caused by the Holocaust.

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