How Can Art Help in Your Career?

Resource added: 16 February 2023

Want to encourage more students to take art at GCSE or A-Level? Then this free downloadable poster is for you!

Do you want to encourage more students to take art at GCSE or A-Level? One way to encourage them might be to get them thinking about how art will give them vital skills that could benefit them in their future careers!

We’ve created this poster to help you do just that. And it’s completely free to download.

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So, how can art help in your career?

Art makes you a creative thinker

Art offers students the opportunity to unlock their creativity and this can help them to ‘think outside of the box’. This is an incredibly useful skill to have in any role and can really make them stand out to future employers.

This ability to think creatively should also make them pretty good at thinking on their feet – again, an excellent quality to have in many different roles.

Art makes you a better problem-solver

Their study of art will unlock their creative thinking, meaning your students are likely to be pretty good at coming up with creative solutions, or perhaps even finding new, innovative ways to drive a business forward – skills many employers will be looking out for.

Art makes you more open-minded

One of the greatest things about art is the way that it teaches us about the many different ways that people see the world. Doing this through art means will encourage your students’ interest in and respect of other people’s views and will make them very open minded. This will help them to form strong relationships with colleagues and potential customers and could be a really useful attribute in many different roles.

Art develops the ability to work to a brief

During their art studies, your students often be required to work to a brief. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and being able to do so is a very sought-after skill for many different careers, especially creative careers where your students can continue to use their artistic skills!

Art makes you more focused

When we create art, we learn to focus on the task in front of us despite the many distractions around us. This is such an important and useful skill for your students to have honed even before they leave school!

Art makes you more resilient

During their art studies, your students will often receive constructive feedback from teachers and peers. They will learn to accept this as people wanting to help them improve and create the best piece of art possible and so will be know how to deal with constructive feedback in the workplace.

They will also learn that mistakes are just opportunities to learn and improve, and they’ll see the benefits that come from perseverance. All of this will make them more resilient, which is a really useful attribute to have when entering the workplace.

Art makes you a great team player

Art will help your students learn to work collaboratively, which is a required skill for many different jobs. They’ll learn to value others’ contributions and to have the confidence to contribute themselves too.

Art develops stress management techniques

We all know how fantastic art can be in terms of managing our stress, emotions and for our overall wellbeing. Having these strategies already in place can be really beneficial for your students’ wellbeing once they enter the workplace, allowing them to cope better with the stressful situations that can be part and parcel of almost any job.

Art develops design skills

And, of course, art will give your students design skills that can open up some really exciting careers for them!

Art can earn you a higher salary!

All of these are sought-after skills and attributes, so your art studies could ultimately help you earn a higher salary!

Still struggling to encourage students to take up art at GCSE or A-Level? You may also like our ‘Where Will Art Take You?’ poster, which is also free to download.

And remember, offering your students the opportunity to go on an art school trip abroad could be the incentive they need to pick your subject over others!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information or advice, or to request your tailor-made quote.

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