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Eurovision is a wonderful celebration of what it is to be European. It’s an opportunity to hear other European voices and languages, and to get a taste of the cultural diversity of our continent.  

For some of us, it was our first exposure to other European languages. For others, it’s just a night of great entertainment and a chance to celebrate that which makes us different and that which unites us with our European neighbours.  

If you love Eurovision as much as we do here at Halsbury, why not celebrate it in your classroom?  

We’ve created two posters to help you celebrate Eurovision in your classroom.  

The first celebrates the use of French at the contest. French and English are the official languages of the Eurovision Song Contest and important information, such as how the voting process will work and, of course, the points, must be delivered in both languages.  

In fact, two of the phrases most closely associated with Eurovision is French - ‘douze points’ and ‘nul points’! 

The second takes a linguistic tour of Europe, with the phrase ‘Good Evening Europe!’ in the languages of the countries participating in the 2023 contest.  

We hope this helps you to get your students excited about Eurovision and the linguistic diversity of Europe! We’d love to see how you use the posters in your classroom – why not post a pic on social media and tag us in it? 

Ideas for using the posters in your classroom 

The French in Eurovision poster could be the starting point for a number of roleplay activities. You could ask students to pair up and perform a short introduction to Eurovision. They can be as creative as they like, but they must include a greeting and a short presentation of how the voting will work in both French and English.  

Or why not give your students the opportunity to roleplay as the spokespeople for the national juries? Perhaps you could show them a couple of previous French or French language entries (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Monaco and Belgium have all entered songs in French too) and they can decide who they will give their 8, 10 and 12 points to?  

And why not test your student’s knowledge of flags, languages and geography with the ‘Good Evening Europe!’ poster! Can they work out which country is represented by each translation? If you have a map of Europe, why not see if they can find the country on the map? Although this won’t necessarily improve their language skills, this is a fun activity to encourage their curiosity about the languages, cultures and diversity of our continent.  

What’s on the posters? 

French at Eurovision 

Good evening Europe and good morning Australia – Bonsoir l’Europe et bonjour l’Australie! 

Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest ! – Bienvenue au Concours Eurovision de la chanson ! 

Jury vote – Le vote du jury

Televote – Le vote des téléspectateurs 

You cannot vote for your own country – Vous ne pouvez pas voter pour votre propre pays 

The lines won’t open until after the final performance – Les lignes téléphoniques ne sont ouvertes qu’après la dernière performance 

12 points from France go to… – Les douze points de la France sont attribués à… -  

12 points from the French national jury go to… - Les douze points du jury national français vont à… 

Albania – l’Albanie 

Armenia – l’Arménie 

Australia – l’Australie 

Austria – l’Autriche 

Azerbaijan – l’Azerbaïdjan 

Belgium – la Belgique 

Croatia – la Croatie 

Cyprus – la Chypre 

Czech Republic – la Tchéquie 

Denmark – le Danemark 

Estonia – l’Estonie 

Finland – la Finlande 

France – la France 

Georgia – la Géorgie 

Germany – l’Allemagne 

Greece – la Grèce 

Iceland – l’Islande 

Ireland – l’Irlande 

Israel – l’Israël 

Italy – l’Italie 

Latvia – la Lettonie 

Lithuania – la Lituanie 

Malta – Malte 

Moldova – la Moldavie 

Netherlands – les Pays-Bas 

Norway – la Norvège 

Poland – la Pologne 

Portugal – le Portugal 

Romania – la Roumanie 

San Marino – Saint-Marin 

Serbia – la Serbie 

Slovenia – la Slovénie 

Spain – l’Espagne 

Sweden – la Suède 

Switzerland – la Suisse 

Ukraine – l’Ukraine 

United Kingdom – le Royaume-Uni 

Good Evening Europe! 

Albania – Mirëmbrëma Europa! 

Armenia – Բարի երեկո եվրոպա! 

Australia/United Kingdom – Good evening Europe! 

Austria/Germany – Guten Abend Europa! 

Azerbaijan – Axşamınız xeyir avropa! 

Belgium – Goije ‘n avend Europa! 

Croatia – Dobra večer europo! 

Czech Republic – Dobrý večer evropo! 

Denmark – God aften europa! 

Estonia – Tere õhtust euroopa! 

Finland – Hyvää iltaa euroopassa! 

France – Bonsoir l’Europe! 

Georgia – საღამო მშვიდობისა ევროპა! 

Greece/Cyprus – καλησπέρα Ευρώπη! 

Iceland – Gott kvöld evrópa! 

Ireland – Oíche mhaith eoraip! 

Israel – ערב טוב אירופה 

Italy/San Marino – Buona sera Europa! 

Latvia – Labvakar eiropa! 

Lithuania – Labas vakaras Europa! 

Malta – Il-lejla t-tajba ewropa! 

Netherlands – Goedenavond Europa! 

Norway – God kveld Europa! 

Poland – Dobry wieczór Europo! 

Portugal – Boa noite Europa! 

Romania/Moldova – Buna seara Europa! 

Serbia – добро вече европо! 

Slovenia – Dober večer evropa! 

Spain – Buenas noches Europa! 

Sweden – God kväll europa! 

Ukraine – Добрий вечір Європа! 

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