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Resource added: 14 August 2023

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Want to encourage your students to develop their interest in geography? Want to encourage more students to choose geography for GCSE, A Level, or continue studying it at university? Then this poster is for you!

Our poster shows your students 5 reasons to study geography. These skills will help them to impress future employers. And it's completely free to download!

Our 5 Reasons to Study Geography are:

1.    It will make them better communicators

In geography, students learn abstract concepts and how to communicate them orally and in writing.

They’ll also have to communicate effectively with their peers to complete projects and fieldwork.

Employers want employees with good communication skills, so students should focus on developing these in high school. Your subject, geography, offers them many opportunities to do this, without them even realising it!

Geography is full of abstract concepts that students need to demonstrate that they have understood. The language used to describe these concepts is often complicated and full of very subject-specific terms. They must analyse this language to explain the concept simply and discuss its practical uses.

Your students will need to do this in university or future careers. So, it's wonderful that they will have these soft skills before they leave high school.

They will also need to work closely with you, their teacher, and their fellow students when completing fieldwork. Working together improves communication skills, teaching students to listen, and give and receive feedback respectfully.

2.    It will help them to identify moral and ethical issues

Geography involves studying solutions to problems and their effects on the environment, people, and animals. It also considers moral and ethical concerns.

During their geography studies, students will study how people interact with the environment around them. They will learn that people have different opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about geographical issues. And that this can create moral and ethical dilemmas when trying to find solutions.

They will learn that finding solutions to problems often involves considering morals and ethics, which is valuable for many careers.

3.    It will make them better problem solvers

Geography teaches students creative problem-solving, encouraging them to think more creatively when finding solutions.

As we’ve established, an important part of geography is studying the interactions between people and the environment. There are conflicts and problems to solve, and there are moral and ethical issues to think about.

Your students will gain the skills to think creatively and solve problems independently. They will do this by understanding and learning from successful creative solutions in different situations. And their ideas will be innovative and go beyond traditional thinking. These problem-solving skills will make them very employable.

4.    It will make them better at handling data

Your students will handle a lot of data during their geography studies. Being able to process and analyse data efficiently, drawing evidence-based conclusions is an incredibly sought-after skill for many careers.

This will teach them the importance of analysing evidence before making conclusions, which is important in all areas of life.

This will increase their confidence in problem-solving and decision-making. They will reach clear conclusions that they can easily explain.

5.    It will help them to understand the world around them!

Geography helps us understand the world, including landscapes, human settlements, and more.

Studying geography will help your students to become more globally and environmentally informed, making them more thoughtful, enquiring global citizens.

Global citizenship is becoming more important and something that employers will be looking for in a variety of job roles.

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