Posted: 02 June 2023

How to Keep Cool on a School Trip

Taking your students on a school trip this summer? Here are some of our top tips on how to keep everyone cool when the temperatures rise.

Drink plenty of water!

When it’s hot, the most important thing to remember is to keep hydrated. Drinking water will help you to lower your body temperature and, of course, replace the fluid you lose through sweating, which you do more of when it’s hot.

On a school trip, you may need to remind students to drink regularly, as they can get over excited about what they’re doing and completely forget to drink. Build in regular breaks to give everyone the chance to take on some water, so that no-one gets too dehydrated.

When it’s hot, it’s a really good idea to avoid caffeine, as this can cause dehydration. No-one is begrudging teachers that much-needed coffee in the morning but after that try to stick to water and soft drinks or decaf!

And just a note for those travelling by coach – if you can, it’s a really good idea to pack some extra water, just in case of any traffic or delays.

Stay out of the sun where possible

When it’s super hot, one of the best ways to stay cool is to stay in the shade and out of the direct sunlight.

If you do need to go outside, then make sure that everyone is wearing a hat, so that their heads at least are protected from the glare of the sun.

And if you know it’s going to be super hot in advance, you could even advise students to pack a small umbrella, to give them even more portable shade than a hat offers.

Wear breathable clothing

If you know in advance that you’re going somewhere that is usually hot, or that it is likely to be very hot while you are there, then it might be worth speaking to your group about the importance of wearing breathable clothing.

Clothes should also be loose and light coloured – black is definitely a no-go in the heat!

Wearing the right clothes for the temperature can make a huge difference to how you feel, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to make sure that everybody packs sensibly.

Try to have a lighter lunch

There is nothing worse than having a big heavy meal sat in your stomach when it’s hot – in fact, it can make you feel really sick.

Sticking to cold foods, like salad, will help you to feel cooler. And fruit and vegetables will help you with your hydration too, as they contain so much water themselves.

And make sure you stop for ice cream!

There really is nothing better than ice cream when you’re feeling hot, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to stop for one!

Close blinds and curtains when you leave your accommodation

Make sure everyone closes the blinds or curtains in their rooms before you leave the accommodation for the day – this should help to keep rooms a little bit cooler, which you’ll be really thankful for when you try to sleep!

If your accommodation has air conditioning, it would be worth checking that students know how to work this, so that they can keep their rooms at a comfortable temperature during the night – you don’t want to be dealing with sleep-deprived teenagers at any time, but especially when it’s boiling hot!

Take a siesta

OK, your schedule may well be too full to actually take a siesta, but there is a reason why people who live in hotter countries slow down in the middle of the day, so it’s sensible to take a leaf out of their book.

You don’t want to be marching around under the midday sun, so if it is going to be super hot, then it would be worth making sure you have a bit of a break somewhere with lots of shade while you eat lunch or, even better, somewhere inside with good air-conditioning.

And don’t forget to apply sunscreen

When it’s hot, you can be sure that the UV rays are very strong, so it’s really important that everyone remembers to apply sunscreen regularly.

For the most protection, it’s advised to look for SPF 30 or higher.

And you should reapply this regularly, especially if you go swimming or have been sweating.

We hope these tips have been helpful! If you liked this, you might also like our top tips for school coach trips and our money saving tips for cheaper school trips.

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