Posted: 25 February 2020

Easy Costume Ideas for World Book Day

Not got your costume sorted for World Book Day yet? Here are some easy costume ideas to help you inspire your students to love literature!

Gangsta Granny

What you'll need:

• Thief/bandit eye mask

• Granny-style cardigan

• Old granny-style slippers

• Oversized grey tights (so that they wrinkle at the bottom)

• Sack (can be filled with scrunched up paper)

• Granny wig

• Black skirt

Gangsta Granny was created by David Walliams and this is probably one of the easiest costumes to put together for World Book Day.

You really just need a black skirt, granny-style cardigan and slippers, and oversized tights, and a granny wig!

Then to turn your granny into Gangsta Granny, you just need to add a bandit’s eye mask and a sack full of swag (or scrunched up pieces of paper)!

Easy World Book Day Costume Ideas
Easy World Book Day Costume Ideas

Thing 1 and Thing 2

What you'll need:

• Red jumpsuit or t-shirt

• Blue curly wig

• White paper or white cloth

• Black marker pen

• A friend!

These classic Dr. Seuss characters appear in The Cat in the Hat. This costume obviously works requires a willing colleague to partner you but is otherwise very simple.

A plain red t-shirt with a white paper disc with ‘Thing 1’ or ‘Thing 2’ written on it in black marker would be sufficient, although a blue curly wig would really top the look off.

And if you really want to make an impression, why not add a red or blue tutu?

World Book Day Teacher Costume
World Book Day Teacher Costume Ideas

Where’s Wally

What you'll need:

• Red and white striped t-shirt

• Blue trousers/jeans or skirt

• Glasses

• White bobble hat with red pom pom and trim

The Where’s Wally? puzzle books have been a fixture of childhood since 1987, so this is a classic costume that requires relatively little prep.

All you really need is the t-shirt, bobble hat and glasses to create an instantly recognisable costume ideal for World Book Day.

Easy World Book Day Costume Ideas
Easy World Book Day Costume Ideas

What’s next?

World Book Day is a wonderful way to bring literature to life. Another great way to do just that is with a school trip!

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