Why Should You Start Planning Your School Music Tour Early?

Why Should You Start Planning Your School Music Tour Early?
Resource added: 02 December 2022

Is it ever too early to start planning your next school music tour?

No! In fact, in our experience, the earlier the better! And here are just five reasons why:

1. Get the hotel and transport options you want

Availability really is the nemesis of the concert tour planner. As you can imagine, finding transport and accommodation for 30, 40, 50 people is not easy, and just gets more and more difficult the closer to the travel date you leave it.

If you want a particular mode of transport or hotel, then it’s imperative to book early!

2. Perform in your chosen venues

If you want to perform in a specific venue you’ll have to submit your performance request application early.

In the case of particularly famous or prestigious venues, you may need to apply up to as much as a year in advance!

So, don’t miss out, make sure you get your booking in nice and early.

3. Make sure all key performers can go

The longer you wait, the more you risk your performers signing up for other trips, or making other commitments.

Ensure that everyone who needs to go can by getting your booking in early and launching your tour ahead of any other departments!

4. Make the tour accessible to more students

By booking early, you allow your students and their parents to pay off the tour in smaller chunks over a longer period.

This makes it more affordable for all, and could mean you see a greater number of students able to join you.

5. Give yourself a bit of breathing space

School life is extremely busy and, despite best intentions, preparations for tours can often end up being rushed, as lessons, exams and other trips can mean tour rehearsals are postponed or cancelled.

By booking early, you can start preparing early, meaning that you don’t have to cram everything in to a short space of time! You’ll be less stressed and will be able to enjoy the tour experience with your ensemble more, confident that they know the repertoire inside out.

Ready to start planning?

There are many, many other reasons to book your school music tour early. But essentially, you’ll find the process a whole lot more enjoyable and less stressful if you do. And really, what other reason do you need?

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