Where will music take you?

Where will music take you?
Resource added: 02 December 2022

It can be hard for some students who don’t intend to become musicians to understand why they should study music in school.

Among its many benefits is the fact that music can lead to some incredibly exciting career opportunities!

We’ve designed this poster to help your students see where music can take them.

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Your music students will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many careers will be open to them if they continue with their music studies.

They may have considered that they could be pursue a career as a musician or a music teacher, but have they ever heard of music therapy?

They could take up a career backstage, as a sound technician, stage manager, recording engineer or booking agent.

They could even rise to the lofty heights of musical director at a theatre company or even within the film industry. Or perhaps they could earn their living writing songs for popular recording artists?

We hope this poster helps your students to see the opportunities that music can offer them. And make sure you display the poster prominently ahead of GCSE and A-Level options!