St Thomas the Apostle School's Music Tour to Belgium

School / Group
St Thomas the Apostle School
Teacher / Group Leader
Sam Parratt
Choir and Band

Sam Parratt, Head of Expressive Arts at St. Thomas the Apostle School tells us about his ensemble’s recent music tour to Belgium

What was your main objective for this tour?

I wanted to give our students the opportunity to perform to a truly public audience in an unknown space to develop their performance skills. 

Additionally, I wanted to develop a sense of pride in their brilliant musical ensemble by giving them the opportunity to take part in activities and performances as a tightly-knit team. 

Why did you choose this destination?

Belgium isn’t too far to go for a few days, which means that journey times are short and costs are low. It is different to the UK though, and has the bonus of beautiful Christmas markets. 

Can you briefly describe the venues you performed in during this tour and why you chose them?

We performed in a care home for the elderly and infirm in Ostend, and Ypres Market Square – a public space outside the tourist office in Ypres. 

Actually, these venues are chosen on our behalf. They wouldn’t necessarily have been our first choice of venue, but turned out to be perfect. The sense of community in the care home was incredible, and the tourist office venue meant that we sang to a large, gathering crowd. 

What will be your lasting memories of this tour?

The gathered crowd in Ypres Market Square clearly enjoying our music, the boys’ smiles when performing and at every stage of the tour. The beautiful sights of Ghent and the rain in Ostend! 

The biggest, lasting comment will be a comment made by a member of the audience in Ostend, who spoke to our performers saying that ‘the performance made me forget my problems and my worries.’

Why did you choose Halsbury for this tour?

Halsbury have a good reputation and offered excellent value for money. The initial contact made me trust them. 

How would you describe the experience of working with Halsbury on this tour?

Halsbury were always quick to respond to any query I had. They were accommodating of my needs too, for example with roomings and numbers changing. They provided all the paperwork and even reminded me what needed to be done!

Would you recommend Halsbury to your friends and colleagues?

Yes, 100%. 

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