Buckler's Mead Academy's WW1 Battlefields Tour

School / Group
Bucklers Mead Academy
Teacher / Group Leader
Craig Coulter
History and WW1 Battlefield Tours

What was your main aim/objective for this trip?

To improve students' understanding of the events of World War I and the experiences of soldiers during the conflict.

Why did you choose this destination?

It was a central location for a number of key destinations, notably Menin Gate and the Last Post Ceremony.

Can you briefly describe the visits and activities you participated in during this trip?

We went to a number of sites around Ypres such as Tyne Cot, Menin Gate and In Flanders Field Museum.

We then went to Arras and Wellington Quarry, with a visit to Vimy Ridge on the way.

Finally, we went to a number of sites around the Somme area, namely the Somme 1916 Museum, Thiepval memorial and the Newfoundland Memorial Park.

Why did you choose these visits and activities?

We have experience as a department of doing similar trips around Ypres in the past, however this time we wanted to focus on World War I and aimed to include sites linked to the Battle of the Somme. These sights were central to Albert and would all offer something slightly different to the students.

What will be your lasting memories of this trip?

The main part is the sense that we were finally able to go on these types of trips again - a sense of relief in return to normality.

Also, it was great to see the students connect what they had been learning about in the classroom setting with the reality. And the students recognising place names from textbooks and actually being physically there.

What did students get out of this trip?

First and foremost, it gave them an appreciation for the real world setting of these historical events. An understanding of how the land, towns and people had been impacted by these events - things that it is near impossible to comprehend without actually visiting these places.

Why did you choose Halsbury for this trip?

We had always had a very positive experience with Halsbury when organising similar trips and wished to continue with this fruitful working relationship.

Were there any guarantees that Halsbury were offering that made it easier for you to get senior leadership and/or parents on board?

Yes, we were offered the Covid Guarantee. This helped immensely in getting parents on board and ensuring they were confident enough to book their child’s place on the trip amid some uncertainties.

How did it feel to be on a school trip again?

It felt great. It was nice to see students be able to learn outside the classroom again.

How would you describe the experience of working with Halsbury on this trip?

Friendly, informative and well organised. Whenever there was a question or problem with the trip they would respond very quickly with an extremely helpful and constructive response.

Do you have any tips for other teachers planning their first trips since Covid?

Make sure you get the paperwork sorted early and set up a Google Classroom for the students going to help them keep track of the paperwork.

Ready to start planning your next trip?

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