Upcoming Sporting Events to Inspire Your Next School Sports Tour

Posted: 16 August 2018

Upcoming Sporting Events to Inspire Your Next School Sports Tour

If you’re struggling to decide where to go on your next school sports tour, why not get inspiration from upcoming major sporting events?

It will help add to the anticipation for the tour among your students and could really add an exciting element that makes the tour completely unforgettable!

Men’s Hockey World Cup

From 28th November until 16th December 2018, the world’s top 16 men’s field hockey teams will battle it out for the World Cup.

The 14th edition of the competition will take place at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar in the Indian state of Odisha.

The 16 qualified teams have been divided into four pools and will play a round robin tournament, with the top two teams in each pool qualifying for the semi-finals.

England have never won the World Cup, their best result being runner-up when they hosted the tournament in 1986. However, they came fourth in 2014, so they’ll be hoping to build on this.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Ben Marsh CC 2.5

Cricket World Cup

From 30th May to 14th July 2019, England and Wales will host the Cricket World Cup.

The opening match between England and South Africa will be played at the Oval, with the final being played at Lord’s.

This will be the 12th edition of the tournament and the fifth time it will be hosted by England and Wales.

This World Cup will only feature ten teams – with the previous two editions featuring 14. The ten competing teams will each play the other nine teams, with the top four teams progressing to a knockout stage of semi-finals.

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Netball World Cup

In July 2019, England will host another World Cup.

The Netball World Cup will take place in Liverpool. This will be the 15th edition of the competition and the third time it will take place in England.

The competition organisers’ vision is for the tournament to be the ‘Best World Cup in Female Sport’.

The top 16 teams in the world will compete from 12th to 21st July 2019. This edition of the tournament will see a new competition format, with three distinct stages – the preliminaries stage one, the preliminaries stage two, the play-offs and the placing.

As the host nation, England automatically qualified for the competition. Also qualifying automatically are the top 5 ranked teams in the world – Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa and Malawi.

The other 10 teams to compete will come through five regional qualifier events across each of the five INF regions – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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Rugby World Cup

On 20th September 2019 the Rugby World Cup will kick off in Japan, marking the first time the tournament has been held in Asia.

Games will be played at 12 venues located right across Japan, from Sapporo to Fukuoka, with teams competing for the Webb Ellis cup.

The cup is named after William Webb Ellis, who is credited as the inventor of rugby. The cup has so far been won by just four nations – New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have already qualified for the tournament, having been one of the top three teams in their pools at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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