Indoor Exercises for Your Students to Try!

Posted: 04 January 2018

Indoor Exercises for Your Students to Try!

We’re in the midst of winter and it can be pretty cold (and muddy!) outside! As part of our ‘Live Well’ series, we take a look at some indoor exercises that students can try, when they can’t (or won’t!) get outside.

The Plank

It’s a classic and it will help build those core muscles!


Just get into the push-up position and hold it. Sounds easy, but trust us, it’s not! How long can you plank for?

Stair Stepping

This exercise will help build up leg muscles, as well as improving overall fitness.


Use the first step of your stairs, or a (sturdy) box to step up and down.


Dancing doesn’t feel like exercise but it’s a great way to improve muscle strength, develop balance and coordination and help build strong, healthy bones!


This one’s super easy - just put on some of your favourite songs and get moving!


Another classic, lunges will help build leg muscles. For a greater challenge, why not try a walking lunge?


To perform a walking lunge, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands on your hips. Step forward with one leg. Bend that leg and drop your hips until your rear knee nearly touches the ground. Both knees should be at 90° at the bottom of the lunge. Keep your back straight and make sure your front knee stays above your front foot.

Press the heel of your lead foot into the ground, and push off with your rear foot to bring that leg forward, stepping into a lunge on that side. And repeat!

High Knees

This is a super easy cardiovascular exercise, which means it will get blood pumping and hearts working! It will also strengthen leg muscles.


Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Then lift your right knee up as high as possible, raising the opposite arm at the same time. Then switch quickly, so that your left knee is up before your right foot hits the floor. And repeat!

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