What Can Sports Teach Us?

What Can Sports Teach Us?
Resource added: 10 November 2022

Sport can teach us so many life skills - we've designed this poster to help you show your students just how valuable your subject is.

We’ve created this PE classroom poster to help you show your students the incredible value of your subject!

Download the poster!

Sport is important as part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can teach us so many useful life skills, without us even realising it!

It teaches us that it’s OK to make mistakes and how to solve problems. Sport also teaches us how to set goals and achieve them, and that the only way to achieve them is often through hard work.

Through sport we learn the importance of teamwork and realise, in a safe environment, that life isn’t fair and that that is just something we all have to develop coping mechanisms to deal with.

We also learn important skills like time management, how to be a good leader and follower, and how to cope with pressure. All of which will stand your students in good stead for the rest of their lives!

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