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School Sports Tour Offers

Earn an extra £450 worth of loyalty points for your school!

We’ve clubbed together with our colleagues in the Halsbury Ski department to give you a very special offer!

Book your school’s next sports tour and ski trip with us and earn up to £450 worth of loyalty points for your school!

The party leader for each trip will receive 150 loyalty points, which is the equivalent of a £225 discount.

For any information or advice on your next school sports tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

And for more information on our school ski trips, please visit

Terms & Conditions

  • • The party leader who recommends us to their colleague will receive 150 loyalty points, which can be redeemed on their next trip. These points cannot be used on a trip that is already booked.

  • • The party leader who is referred to us will also receive 150 points, which will be applied as a £225 discount when they book their trip (if the trip is a new booking).

  • • Please note that loyalty points are to be used exclusively on new trips (i.e. trips that have not yet been booked) and cannot be applied retrospectively).

  • • Please see our Loyalty Scheme for further information on loyalty points.

  • •This offer still applies if both trips are booked by the same party leader (in accordance with the rest of the Terms & Conditions).

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