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National School Sport Week 2018

Article posted on: June 21, 2018

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25th – 29th June 2018

Next week marks the 10th National School Sport Week. The initiative, developed by the Youth Sport Trust, saw 5,000 schools and around 1.8 million pupils taking part last year. 

The general aim of the initiative is to encourage pupils to become more physically active and participate in more sport. 

And this reflects the Youth Sport Trust’s ethos – to create a brighter future for all children and young people through the power of sport. 

This year, the theme is 'celebrating the role of play and sport in education'. There are lots of benefits to sport and physical activity for young people which often get overlooked. And, as we’ve reported before, there is evidence to suggest that sport and physical activity can contribute to academic success. 

And so this week is the perfect time to encourage schools to place PE at the heart of school life and to promote the idea that the development of a child’s physical literacy should be seen to be just as important as learning to read and write. 

Although the initiative is just a week long each year, the hope is that its effects will continue to be felt in the longer term, and that more pupils will be given the opportunity to discover the benefits of PE and school sport - the Youth Sport Trust have put together a number of resources to help schools with this. 

Of course, there are many, many benefits of PE and school sport. The most obvious being that enjoyment of physical activity and sport usually means that an individual is more likely to continue their participation in them, leading to a healthier lifestyle. When nearly a third of children aged between 2 and 15 years are now obese, this is extremely important. 

So, as well as promoting the role of PE and sport within school life, it’s also hoped that this week will provide at least some students the opportunity to discover a sport or other physical activity that they enjoy and will continue, leading to a healthier lifestyle, or helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Will you be celebrating National School Sport Week? Join in the discussion on Twitter and Facebook and remember to use the hashtag #NSSW.  

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