Posted: 15 February 2021

'Our 2022 School Ski Trip is Over-Subscribed!'

Maidenhill School are one of many schools who have already booked their 2022 school ski trip, giving their students something to look forward to after missing out on so much.

Here, Party Leader Davina Ball tells us why they were confident enough to start planning for next season.

What made you feel confident that you could start planning a school ski trip for 2022?

With the disappointment of having our Easter ski trip cancelled in 2020 at the last minute due to the pandemic, we were eager to plan a trip for 2022 to ensure students who had missed out had the opportunity [to enjoy a school ski trip] before they left school. And press at the time of booking seemed positive that things will have normalised by 2022.

Were there any guarantees that Halsbury Ski were offering that made it easier for you to get both leadership and parents on board?

Yes, the low deposit offer and the Covid Guarantee (which will provide free cancellation if restrictions are still in place) made it easier to get both leadership and parents on board.

We also experienced excellent communication from Halsbury.

How did you find the experience of launching a school ski trip post-Covid? Are you having to do anything differently?

We’re not doing anything differently – we’ve had our best response ever! The trip is over-subscribed, and we could have run three trips given the numbers interested. We’ve had to increase the number of students attending for the first time ever.

Why are school ski trips important to you and your students?

School ski trips offer an experience that the students wouldn’t otherwise get. They help them to develop resilience and determination and offer a different cultural experience.

What part of your 2022 school ski trip are you looking forward to the most?

Skiing! And sharing this experience with the students. The school ski trip is always very well received and talked about afterwards.

Have you booked your 2022 school ski trip yet?

Remember, you’ll be covered by our Covid Guarantee. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today for further information or to request your tailor-made quote.