Top Tips for Sustainable Skiing – Classroom Posters

Top Tips for Sustainable Skiing – Classroom Posters
Resource added: 27 September 2022

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Want to make your school ski trip more sustainable?

Top Tips for Sustainable Skiing

Want to make your school ski trip more sustainable?

Here are our top tips!

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Bring a Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles are easy to fill up and stow away in a pocket or backpack and are one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic waste on the slopes.

Support Sustainable Brands

Many outdoor brands produce clothing made from recycled materials. Look out for brands like Patagonia and The North Face, who actively work to decrease their carbon footprint.

Rent Your Gear

Renting gear can be financially efficient as well as sustainable, especially if your child is still growing and will need to replace their equipment year on year.

Also, if you’re a first time skier, you can try out the rental gear to see what length and style of ski you like before making a long-term purchase.

Maximise Gear Life

Instead of buying new clothes when something rips or tears, consider patching what you can.

Some companies like Patagonia The North Face will recycle your gear for you through their respective ‘Worn Wear’ and ‘Clothes the Loop’ initiatives.

You could also consider donating your used gear to charity shops or second-hand shops to extend its life and reduce its carbon footprint.

Buy Pre-Worn Gear

Buying second-hand clothing is another sustainable solution. Whoski is a peer-to-peer marketplace specialising in preloved ski clothing. By buying and selling through whoski, parents will not only save money compared to buying new, they’ll also be helping to keep wintersports clothing out of landfill. And, once the children have grown out of the clothes, parents can resell them!

Shop Local

You can offset the carbon emissions from shipping by shopping locally at small ski shops, and you’ll be boosting the local economy too.

Travel by Coach

Travelling by coach instead of plane is much more sustainable as not only are they more eco-friendly but you can also travel directly to your location, saving time, further transport use and reducing the amount of carbon emissions per passenger.

Try Uphill Skiing

Instead of using the ski lift and wasting fuel, why not try skiing uphill by attaching ‘skins’ to allow you to climb upwards?

Recycle Your Rubbish

Leaving behind your waste is not only harmful to the environment, but it can also ruin another skier’s experience when on the slope.

Be sure to take your rubbish back with you and recycle it if you can. Look for zero-waste and plastic-free snacks as well.

Visit Sustainable/Green Resorts

Look for resorts that are actively trying to minimise their environmental impact and use renewable energy.

Choose Chemical-Free Wax

Ski wax is an essential for maximising speed and performance on the slopes, but many waxes use harsh chemicals which seep into the snow and work their way into the waterways, damaging wildlife and vegetation.

Be sure to purchase waxes free from toxic ingredients; again, look out for eco-friendly brands.

Turn Down the Thermostat

When you’re back indoors, don’t rely on the heating to keep you warm. Put on another layer if you’re still feeling the cold.

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