School Ski Trip Booklet for Students

Resource added: 21 November 2022

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We've designed this booklet to help get your students ready for their school ski trip and keep them entertained on the journey and beyond!

Getting ready for your school ski trip? Make sure your students have plenty to do on the coach trip to the mountains by downloading our entertainment pack.

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It’s full of activities to occupy them and make the journey go a little bit quicker, so you can start the fun the minute you depart on your school ski trip!

They’ll learn about the history of skiing and can have a bit of a giggle at past ski fashions! They’ll also learn about some key figures in the world of skiing and will discover some very interesting facts about the Winter Olympics!

There are suggestions for games that the whole coach can take part in, and a wordsearch and sudoku for the quieter moments.

There’s some key skiing vocab for your students to get their heads around before they hit the slopes, and some fascinating trivia to enjoy.

There are some arty activities for the creative types (make sure they pack some coloured pencils for the journey!).

There’s even a section in which they can keep a diary of their school ski trip!

And there’s also some useful information on what happens during the ski fit.

And make sure you bring your students’ attention to perhaps the most important page of the booklet, which highlights key information to keep them safe on the slopes!