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Should We Travel By Coach On Our Next School Ski Trip?

08/03/2021 15:55:50


Travelling by coach is a great alternative to flying, especially when it comes to school ski trips. It’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and more convenient, as there’s no airport security or check in to navigate with your group.

School ski trips by coach are much cheaper!

The normal price difference between a school ski trip by air and one by coach is around £250-£300. This year, it’s up to £450.

This is because so many groups and families have been unable to travel in 2021. Many of these have postponed their trips until 2022, meaning availability is already limited.

Added to this is the fact that Easter is late in 2022, so everyone wants to ski during February half term. This huge surge in demand for this one week means that flights are now getting very expensive indeed.

Choosing to travel by coach will make your trip less expensive and more accessible to more students. And as we’re seeing record group sizes for February half term 2022, students are clearly keen to access these trips after missing out on so much for so long.

School ski trips by coach are more convenient

One of the reasons group leaders may choose to fly instead of travel by coach is the misconception that it’s quicker and more convenient.

Actually, this isn’t the case for many groups. Take, for example, a school ski trip to Piemonte in Italy, our most popular school ski trip region.

For a group travelling by coach, they can expect the journey to take as little as 18 hours, door to door. They will be able to leave school at a sensible time and arrive in resort mid-afternoon, usually allowing ski fit to be completed on arrival, before the shop shuts. This leaves more time for skiing on the first full day in resort.

A group choosing to fly may well find their journey takes a little less time – around 13 hours door to door when travelling to Piemonte. However, they often need to leave home in the middle of the night (which is not super popular with parents who have to take them to school or the airport at that time!).

And they also tend to arrive in resort later in the afternoon, after the ski hire shop has closed, meaning an early start the next day to get ski fit done in time for lessons – which is obviously not ideal after a long journey.

Plus, groups travelling by coach actually return home after their ski trip before the groups who fly, giving them more time to relax before school starts again on the Monday.

The journey itself is so much more straight forward for groups travelling by coach too. They can literally hop on at school and, except for a few comfort breaks, hop off at the hotel.

Groups who fly need to content with airport check in and security, which can be stressful with a large group.

School ski trips by coach allow you to make the journey a key part of the experience

If you choose to fly, your group will share the plane with members of the public and will need to be considerate of them, making sure that they occupy themselves with quiet activities – this can be a challenge when you have a group of very excited young skiers!

However, if you choose to travel by coach, you’ll have the coach all to yourselves. This means that if you do want to make the journey part of the trip experience, you can run group activities such as quizzes and singalongs and you won’t need to worry about disrupting any other passengers!

School ski trips by coach are more environmentally friendly

One of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your school ski trip is to travel by coach rather than flying.

It’s estimated that, on average, coaches emit 10% less carbon dioxide than planes.

In fact, coach engines are constantly optimised for fuel economy and to reduce the emissions of diesel particles. Whereas, unfortunately, we’re still waiting for a viable greener alternative to jet fuel, and planes still burn a massive amount of fuel, even on short haul flights.

Still not booked your 2022 school ski trip?

There is still time to get your trip booked, but places are very limited as we’re seeing unprecedented demand for school ski trips in 2022. So, contact us today to get a tailor-made quote!

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