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Enquired About Your 2019 School Ski Trip Yet?

24/08/2017 09:03:23

If you're thinking about running a school ski trip in 2019, now is the time to enquire!

A Word About Brexit and Your School Ski Trip

13/07/2017 15:26:00

Important information on protecting yourself and your school ski group from the effects of Brexit.

Italy is Now Your Favourite School Ski Trip Destination!

04/07/2017 11:33:35

Italy is now the most popular destination for school ski trips - beating Austria and France!

Easter Inspection Visit 2017

03/05/2017 15:48:17

On this year's Easter Inspection Visit, we skied 5 of Austria's best resorts!

Affordable doorstep skiing in France next season!

21/04/2017 15:55:09

If you thought affordable doorstep skiing would be too expensive an option for your next school ski trip, we’ve got great news for you!

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