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Starting this school year with positivity is essential for your students' wellbeing. These positivity activities are a great way to help them do just that.

The last 18 months or so have been extremely difficult for everyone, but especially for our young people who have missed huge chunks of time in school and may well have been separated from loved ones for months too.

Starting this school year with positivity is essential for their wellbeing. These positivity activities are a great way to help them do just that.

Suitable for all age groups, these activities are designed to help your students get into the right frame of mind for the new school year. They would work well as starter activities, or as activities for tutor groups to do together.

Activity 1 – Hope Clouds

This activity is really easy. All your students need to do is write down three things they want to achieve this year. You can choose whether you want to restrict that to academic achievements, or if you want them to include extra-curricular activities.

Once students have written down their three targets, why not go around the class and ask them to each tell the group one of their targets?

You can then ask them how they think they will achieve that goal.

Activity 2 – I am, I have, I can, I will

This activity is all about getting students into a positive mindset.

It asks them to consider their own personal attributes, the support they have available to them, and the strategies they can employ to turn things around when they do go wrong.

I am

What positive attributes do your students have? Ask them to write down three. Examples could include ‘I am a good friend’, ‘I am kind’, ‘I am a hard worker’, ‘I am caring’, etc.

Some students may find it difficult to identify three positive attributes, so have a think about each of your students before the session, and then you can suggest appropriate attributes to them.

I have

What positive things do your students have around them that can help them? Examples may include ‘I have good friends’, ‘I have a supportive family’, ‘I have teachers who want to help me’, etc.

Again, some students may struggle with this one, so it would be worth having some suggestions on hand to help them out.

If you do have a class discussion about this section, it may be better to ask students to volunteer their answers and be careful not to push those that are reluctant, as some students may not have the support network that others do.

I can

What can students do when things do go wrong? Examples may include ‘I can ask for help from…when I need it’, ‘I can talk to my friends/teacher/parents when I’m upset’ etc.

This is a great one to discuss as a group.

As before, there will be some students who will struggle to think of an answer. But their peers will be able to suggest strategies they hadn’t thought of and all should be able to complete the section after a group discussion.

I will

What will your students do to remain in a positive mindset this year?

It would be a good idea to ask the students to complete this section after having discussed the ‘I can’ section as a class.

Your students can then select three strategies that they will use to help them stay positive and happy this year.

They may be the same strategies that they put in the ‘I can’ section, or they may have heard one of their peers suggest a strategy that they think could work well for them.

We hope you and your students enjoy these activities.

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