Posted: 07 January 2019

Where Should We Go On a Languages School Trip in 2019/20?

If you’re considering a school languages trip in 2019/20, but aren’t sure where to go, don’t worry – our Language Tour Specialists have picked their top trips to inspire you!


Normandy Trip

A school French trip to Normandy combines short journey times with loads of cultural experiences – making it especially ideal for a first introduction to France.

Your students will enjoy a whistle-stop tour of the history of France – from Joan of Arc to the D-Day Landings, Normandy has often been the setting for some of the key events in the country’s past.

And this is the perfect location in which to develop a passion for French cuisine – Normandy is famous for its rich food, with butter, cheese and apples featuring heavily.

There are beaches to relax on, museums to explore and plenty of opportunities for students to practise their French with friendly native speakers.

The other great thing about Normandy is that it seems to have escaped the tourist hordes, despite all it has to offer. In fact, most that pass through the region seem to do just that – they pass through on the way to Paris.

This means that your students will generally only hear French and it is, of course, this kind of immersion that you’re really looking for on a school French trip to France.

We also have some fantastic accommodation options in Normandy, including the UNCMT Bernieres-sur-Mer.

This accommodation centre is located just a stone’s throw from one of the D-Day beaches, Juno Beach, and is lovely and quiet thanks to its village centre location. The centre is perfect for school groups, especially those with younger students, because it is completely self-contained, making it very safe.

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We’re often asked by teachers if there are any really interesting alternatives to Madrid and Barcelona that will work well for a school Spanish trip. Our answer – Cantabria!

This fantastic region is located on Spain’s northern coast. Cantabria is in the heart of an area known as ‘Green Spain’, which stretches from Galicia in the west to the Basque country in the east and is known for a landscape more akin to that of the UK, Ireland and France’s Atlantic Coast than the more arid landscape we tend to think of as Spanish.

And its location in Northern Spain means that Cantabria is remarkably easy to reach from the UK, which is one reason it works so well for a school trip. You can either fly into Santander or Bilbao, or you can choose to travel by coach.

Blessed by both spectacular beaches and impressive mountains, Cantabria really does have it all. And yet, it’s still relatively unknown to British tourists, so you can be sure your students are enjoying an ‘authentic’ Spanish experience.

There are also two fascinating cities to explore in close proximity to one another – Santander and Bilbao. As the capital of the Basque Country, Bilbao offers a fascinating insight into the regionalism of Spain. And, although a modern-looking city, due vast areas being destroyed in a fire in 1941, Santander boasts plenty of character too.

In Puente Viesgo you’ll find some fantastic examples of prehistoric cave paintings. And another highlight of the area includes Santillana del Mar, described as the prettiest village in Spain by Jean-Paul Sartre.

So if you are looking to go somewhere a little bit different on your next school Spanish trip, without forfeiting the amount of culture and exposure to Spanish for your students, why not try Cantabria?

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In November 2019, Berliners will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The opportunity to be present at this momentous occasion is an exciting prospect for school groups, because it will help students not only to understand the significance of the Berlin Wall, but also the culture of Berlin and Germany as a whole.

Of course, this makes it an extra special time to visit Berlin. But Berlin is always one of our most popular destinations, and a real favourite among us here at Halsbury HQ too!

Perhaps the reason that Berlin is so popular is that there is so much here to see and do that you can lead a trip here year-after-year and still find something new to discover each time.

Students always fall in love with the city too, perhaps because it is one of the world’s most cutting-edge, ‘cool’ cities.

And for teachers, there’s never any problem filling the itinerary with educational visits that are guaranteed to have an impact on students. In fact, the real difficulty is deciding what to leave for the next visit!

Perhaps the only concern for teachers leading a school German trip to Berlin is the fear that, in such a cosmopolitan city, their students will get away with using English rather than German.

But we’ve never found that to be an issue once groups are there. Locals are very happy to use German when speaking with your group – if they do speak English, it only ever requires a polite request to get them to switch back to German. Signs in museums etc. may well be both in German and English, but that can often be beneficial for students to a) understand what they’re looking at and b) pick up some new vocabulary!

Plus, if you really want to ramp up the linguistic element, we do work with an excellent German language school in the city. We can arrange lessons here for your students each day, where they will be taught by highly-qualified native speakers.

The totally immersive lessons will be guided by your specific learning objectives, which you will be able to discuss with the teacher prior to your trip. This option is particularly beneficial for groups who are preparing for exams.

So, Berlin is always a fantastic option for a school German trip. But travelling there next Autumn with your students will be particularly unforgettable.

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