Posted: 23 August 2021

Covid Catch-Up: Geography School Trips

The pandemic has caused so much disruption to education over the past 18 months that, inevitably, the emphasis over the next year will be on trying to help students make up for vital time missed in school.

The Department for Education has published some guidance on Covid catch-up for Key Stages 1-3.

For KS3 geography, it suggests that ‘the curriculum should stress the importance of the interconnection between human and/or physical processes, the location(s) studied and the effects on people and the environment. In doing so, pupils will gain a depth of knowledge and build a stronger sense of place.’

A geography school trip is the ideal way to achieve this in a short amount of time.

When you visit somewhere like Iceland, the Azores or even the USA or Vietnam, your students will have the opportunity to see how physical processes affect the humans living there.

For example, in Naples and Sorrento, students will visit Pompeii or Herculaneum. Here they will see the devastation caused when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. But they’ll also visit local food producers, where they will discover some of the benefits of living in the shadow of a volcano.

And wherever you choose to visit on a geography school trip, your students will have the opportunity to see the effects that humans are having on the landscape. This could be the effects of tourism on coastal areas, which is particularly evident in Barcelona, or the Amalfi Coast. And in Dubai, your students can see the effects of rapid urbanisation.

In some locations, it’s also possible for students to discover how the locals have understood their impact on the landscape and have worked hard to counter their impact on the environment. For example, in Iceland and the Azores, your students can discover how the locals have harnessed natural geothermal power to provide sustainable energy. In Dubai, they can learn about sustainability research and development. And in Costa Rica, your students can find out how the country is leading the way in sustainable tourism.

For GCSE and A-level students, a geography trip can also offer the opportunity to bring to life the topics they’ve been studying in the classroom.

As well as helping them to develop their understanding, this can also really help recall in exams – when students are able to link a theory or concept with a physical memory, they will find it much easier to remember in pressurised situations like exams.

Whatever your learning objectives for your trip, we’ll tailor-make your itinerary to ensure that it meets your specific requirements. Our Tour Advisers know our destinations, visits and activities well and will be very pleased to provide you with any advice or information you require.

So, shall we start planning your geography school trip?

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