5 Reasons to Start Planning Your 2022 School Music Tour Now

Posted: 13 April 2021

5 Reasons to Start Planning Your 2022 School Music Tour Now

It’s been a really difficult year, but things are beginning to look up, as we’re currently progressing well along the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

It’s been a really difficult year, but things are beginning to look up, as we’re currently progressing well along the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. 

For music groups, it’s been particularly tough – one of the best things about music is that it brings us together, whether that’s rehearsing with our ensemble or performing to an audience. And neither has been possible for so long. 

But you can now plan for the future and give your ensemble something to work towards with a 2022 school music tour. Here are 5 reasons why you should start planning your tour now:

Book now with no financial or contractual commitments

The DfE has now given UK school trips the green light but has advised that schools do not enter any new financial or contractual commitments just yet. And we would expect the advice to be similar when school trips abroad  are given the green light. 

Luckily, we were ahead of the curve on this – we introduced our Covid Guarantee at the end of last summer. 

Our Covid Guarantee allows you to book your tour without having to enter into any new financial or contractual commitments.

Basically, if anything changes that will seriously affect your tour, you’ll be able to postpone or get a full refund. For more information, please check out our Covid Guarantee. 

Give your students something to look forward to

The last year has been really tough for everyone. One of the most difficult things has been that we haven’t been able to plan things and so there has been nothing concrete to look forward to, to get us through the dark times. 

That is changing now and we are able to start thinking about the future once more. By beginning to plan your school music tour now, you’ll be giving your students something wonderful to look forward to. 

It’s also been a difficult time as groups have been unable to rehearse together. By planning your tour now, you'll be giving your ensemble something to aim for and concentrate on, as they get back into rehearsing. 

Get your pick of destination and venues

We’re expecting to receive a rush of bookings the minute the government gives school trips abroad the green light. Everyone will be keen to make up for lost time and our Ski department already have groups booking additional coaches and even additional trips to cater for demand

Therefore, we are expecting that availability for popular destinations at popular times will be extremely limited.

Added to this, competition for venues will not only come from other touring school groups, but also from professional acts whose tours were postponed or cancelled by the pandemic. 

So, it’s even more essential that you start planning your school music tour as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. 

Beat the competition from other trips

The most frustrating thing for a teacher trying to organise a music tour abroad? Finding that they don’t have enough students signing up because they’ve already committed to other trips offered by other departments. 

Start planning your tour now and get students and parents on board early, so that your tour takes precedence and you’re able to take everyone you’d hoped to be able to take. 

Give yourself enough time to plan your tour

It can take 3-4 months to develop your tour from an enquiry to a provisional booking and there’s plenty of organisation to do thereafter. 

We always advise that you give yourself as much breathing space as possible between booking your tour and actually going on it – after all, the life of a teacher is already busy enough, without adding stressful, last-minute tour prep into the mix!

So, by starting to plan your 2022 tour now, you can get your tour timeline sorted, so you know exactly when everything needs to be done by. And you can prepare students and their parents too, so that when you ask for deposits, passport information and other such things, they’re ready to provide them with minimal chasing from you!

Ready to start planning?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information or to request your tailor-made quote

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