Venue of the Month - February

Posted: 06 February 2018

Venue of the Month - February

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it would be criminal for this month’s featured venue to not be from the city of love itself – Paris! And our venue is just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most popular places to pop the question!

This month’s featured venue is the Champs de Mars bandstand. The Champs de Mars lies between the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Military School. Created in the 18th Century, the Champs de Mars is a beautiful green public space that has witnessed some of the most exciting events in the history of Paris. 

The first hydrogen-filled balloon was launched from here, and many of the most extravagant festivals of the French Revolution were held here. It also hosted 5 World Fairs, including that of 1889 for which the Eiffel Tower was built as the entrance. 

Choosing to perform at the Champs de Mars bandstand will, thanks to its location, certainly guarantee you a good audience during the summer months. And it’s suitable for all types of bands!

In terms of repertoire, for this venue we would recommend a modern and upbeat programme - perhaps you could throw in some love songs for any couples on their way to the Eiffel Tower to get engaged!

If you would like to perform at the Champs de Mars bandstand on your school music tour to Paris, please don’t hesitate to contact us  for more information or to request your tailor-made quote