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Today is International Jazz Day 2020!


Today is International Jazz Day – a day to celebrate this wonderful music genre that is such a key element of American culture. Unfortunately, this year, events to celebrate have had to be cancelled. But next year will be an even bigger celebration! 

If your ensemble has a passion for Jazz, here are some of the destinations you may like to explore on your next music tour:


Every July, Montreux celebrates its famous Jazz Festival. Timing your music tour to coincide with this will make it one your ensemble never forgets!

Not only will you be able to visit the festival and take in all the incredible music, we can also arrange for your ensemble to perform as part of the festival!

The Montreux Jazz Festival is the second largest in the world after Montreal’s and has featured performances from Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Santana and Dizzy Gillespie, to name but a few!

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Rhine & Moselle 

One of the reasons our groups love the Rhine & Moselle so much is that there always seems to be a festival going on! And this includes jazz festivals.

Germany really embraced jazz after the end of WW1. The liberalism of the Weimar Republic allowed jazz to thrive, especially in the capital, Berlin. In fact, the first academic studies of jazz were in Germany in the late 1920s – the first in America wouldn’t emerge for over a decade. 

After being banned by the Nazis, jazz eventually saw a resurgence, particularly in West Germany in the post-war years and it is still hugely popular in this part of Germany today!

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New York City

Of course, if your ensemble is truly passionate about jazz, then a music tour to the USA is a must. And where better than New York, where jazz gave birth to swing and bebop?!

It’s also home to Saint Peter’s Church, which is also known as the ‘first church of jazz’. Its thriving Jazz Ministry is headed up by Ike Sturm – a famous composer of jazz sacred works. Every Sunday at 6pm the church holds a jazz vespers service. 

The church also holds an annual jazz festival on the square in front of the church that’s popular with both tourists and locals – and you’re invited to perform!

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