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Our school Italian trips to Italy offer groups the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fantastically rich culture and language. This is an exciting experience for students and one that is certain to leave them with a real passion for all that Italy has to offer.

Visit Florence, the birthplace of the language, or Rome, which was once the heart of Western civilisation. Spectacular Venice is another fantastic choice for a school Italian trip, or why not try the Bay of Naples, the home of Italian cuisine?

Choose a Tour Type

We’ve developed a range of tour types designed to immerse your students in the language and culture of your chosen destination. The type of tour you choose will depend on the level of your learners and the intended focus of your trip.

Culture ToursView Trips

These trips are the perfect introduction to Italy and the diverse Italian culture. Your students will have a huge amount of fun discovering it by using their language skills.

Study ToursView Trips

These trips are perfect for students preparing for exams, as they combine lessons at a specialist language school with cultural activities and host family accommodation.

Work Experience ToursView Trips

Students preparing for their A-Levels will love the challenge of spending one week at a work placement with a local company, using their Italian skills to communicate with colleagues.